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Pokemon Trading Card Game Cards and Merchandise

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a fun game for all ages that has established a wide and dedicated fan base. Decks of 60 collectible cards are all you need to play the game with your friends or to compete in organized tournaments. Start or expand your collection for endless hours of entertainment.

What is the Pokemon Trading Card game?

In the game, played by two to four people, players use Pokemon cards to battle. On each player's turn, he or she uses his or her Pokemon's moves and Trainer or Energy Cards to lower the health of an opponent's Pokemon. The game's winner either defeats all of an opponent's Pokemon or collects six Prize Cards.

How many Pokemon trading cards are there?

There are thousands of different card types that fall into three categories:

  • Pokemon: Each Pokemon card has its own skills, attacks, and characteristics used in battle.
  • Trainer: These cards are items, tools, and supporters that help the player and his or her Pokemon.
  • Energy: A Pokemon must have certain energy cards in play to use its attacks.
How many Pokemon cards do you start with?

You set up the Pokemon cards in a couple of different piles in order to play the game.

  • In decks: There are 60 cards in standard game decks. Typical decks for Evolutions have 15 to 20 Pokemon, 30 Trainer, and 10 Energy cards.
  • In your hand: Seven cards are drawn at the beginning of play, and one is drawn at the beginning of each turn.
  • In booster packs: Each booster pack contains 10 cards.
  • In theme packs: Theme decks, released as a part of expansions like Sun and Moon's Burning Shadows, contain 60 cards.
Which Pokemon cards are rare?

A trading card is considered rare if there are very few of the specific card or very few of its edition. A Pokemon trading card is rare if it has any of these traits:

  • First edition
  • Special edition
  • Event promo
  • Shining
  • Full Art
  • Holo
What is an expansion in the Pokemon TCG?

An expansion is a collection of booster packs, theme decks, and merchandise to update the game. There are many expansions that keep game play fresh and interesting through new Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy card types. Widely enjoyed expansions include the following:

  • Call of Legends Series: A series is a set of expansions along a theme. The Call of Legends series is small and features legendary Pokemon.
  • XY Series: The XY series was the first expansion pack to the TCG and contains classic cards like Venasaur and Pikachu.
  • Sun and Moon Series: The first to feature Pokemon GX, the Sun and Moon series introduced a large number of new Pokemon and cards for trading and play.
  • Burning Shadows: The release of Burning Shadows introduced many new Pokemon GX, including Rainbow and Prism Pokemon, Necrozma, and Ho-Oh.
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