Explore Digital Pokemon Tamagotchi Pets You Can Raise

The Tamagotchi is a distinct brand of digital pet you can have fun with that took the world by storm in the 1990s. Tamagotchis have made a resurgence, though, even collaborating with Pokemon to combine two cool creatures in one stylish package. You can take a look at eBay to find a good range of affordable Tamagotchi Pokemon that you might like to add to your collection or gift to that Pokemon enthusiast in your life.

Can you collect Pokemon Tamagotchi in different varieties?

The Eevee Tamagotchi was the first official Pokemon x Tamagotchi collaboration, available in a yellow shell and in a pink shell. It's styled like a standard Tamagotchi: shaped like a teardrop, the outer borders feature eye-catching designs, and the face of the unit has a monochrome screen with three buttons.

Though the Eevee version was released in 2019, Pokemon x Tamagotchi isn't the first time Nintendo created a virtual pet. You likely heard "Tamagotchi" used as a catch-all for any sort of virtual pet toy, but Nintendo struck out on its own in 1998 and released a handheld console-like toy, the Pokemon Pikachu (or Pocket Pikachu in Japan). The 1998 release in a yellow shell was later followed by an enhanced silver sequel. Can you get the Eevee Tamagotchi as part of a set?

Absolutely. Though both Eevee Tamagotchi are the same pet, you'll be able to add both the pink and the yellow unit to your collection. Each design includes different artwork or patterns on the main Pokemon Tamagotchi case. You can find both used and new versions of these Pokemon pets complete with box art and packaging. If you're an avid Pokemon or Tamagotchi collector, a set of two will be worth your time; if all you want is to raise your Eevee into Vaporeon or Jolteon, you can choose whichever color you like best.

Finding new and used Tamagotchi Pokemon

You will find a selection of pre-owned and new Eevee Pokemon Tamagotchi for sale on eBay. Both the pink and yellow versions are available, and you may even be able to find secondhand units that already have some Pokemon data saved on them, but there will also be new units among the listings. If you're on the lookout for the classic Pokemon Pikachu, gently used units will be more common. Either way, you're sure to find your next virtual companion on eBay.

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