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What Is Pokemon Ruby?

When you're a fan of the cute little yellow Pokemon named Pikachu, you may also be interested in any video games relating to the series starring Ash and his favorite Pokemon. Released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance handheld console in 2003, this specific title is part of a series. Pokemon games have been so successful that the series has spawned numerous types of media, including a TV series, merchandise, and many other games.

What Should You Know About Pokemon Ruby?

Ruby was released as a pair alongside a game called Pokemon Sapphire, which were both released for the Game Boy Advance at the same time, with a third game called Pokemon Emerald completing the trilogy.

  • The games are rated E by the ESRB, which means that they're appropriate for players of all ages.
  • This type of game is categorized as a role-playing game, also referred to as an RPG, which means that you step into the shoes of a single character and immerse yourself in their world as gameplay progresses.
  • The objective is to catch all of the Pokemon. The game is played via an overhead, third-person perspective like you're looking down on the universe, and it takes place in Hoenn.

How Do You Play Nintendo Pokemon Ruby?

As you navigate through Hoenn, you are trying to catch as many Pokemon as you can.

  • You begin the game as a Pokemon trainer with one Pokemon, and you can use that character to try to catch others as you go along. There are three different maps that you can navigate between, including the game's menu, a battle screen, and a field map.
  • You can battle other Pokemon, and when you win, you get points. This can cause your character to level up, opening bonus benefits and perks. You can also engage in minigames using Pokeblocks to enhance your battles.
  • Use a Poke Ball to help you catch characters.

What Are Some Standout Features of This Series?

Though gameplay seems straightforward, there are some secrets and updated features about this game that you may want to be privy to before you play.

  • You can use e-Reader support to connect these games, though you have to buy certain Battle-e Cards to unlock this feature and use the Eon Ticket to view previously unseen characters.
  • The Ruby and Sapphire titles in this series can also connect to GameCube titles, which include Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon Box. You can even transfer characters back and forth through these devices.
  • Emerald is not an entirely different game from Ruby and Sapphire. In fact, it's actually an updated version of these games with new features added, such as a different take on the plot and some of the battle play.

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