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Catch 'Em All and Purchase Pokémon Cards in Japanese Individually

Japanese Pokemon cards can be a fun way for you to collect your favorite characters from the game with original descriptions and writing. You can browse through eBay's fine selection of new and used Pokemon cards in Japanese to find the characters, styles, or rarity levels of the products you want at affordable prices. Understanding the different types of Japanese Pokemon cards that are available and how to categorize them can help you curate your collection and catch all your favorites.

Are there various designs for Japanese Pokemon cards?

Pokemon cards in Japanese have a few design styles that can either make certain cards more unique or increase their rarity. If you are collecting cards of a particular subtype, it may be helpful to know some of the design elements that you might encounter with the Japanese version of this trading card game. Here are a few of the main design elements you'll come across:

  • Holographic - A holographic Pokemon card in Japanese has artwork that can appear to change its design or color palette as you move the card from one side to another slowly.
  • Shadowless - Shadowless cards have certain changes to the artwork that distinguish them from other kinds of cards featuring the same Pokemon character, and a Shadowless card may be valuable to some collectors. Typically, Pokemon cards that are shadowless have thinner typeface and no shadow border along the edge of the main image.
  • Full art - These cards contain designs that run the entire length and width of the pieces.
What levels of used Japanese Pokemon cards can you get?

You can find a wide selection of affordable, pre-owned Pokemon cards in Japanese when you browse through eBay. Different versions of used cards can come in various levels to fit your needs or your budget. You can look for cards that are still in mint condition with all of their original packaging intact. Other cards may be in like-new condition in a sealed wrapper that is not part of the original packaging. You can purchase pre-owned cards as part of a set that includes the characters you might like. If you want to build an inexpensive collection of the Japanese cards, you might start with a used set that shows slight signs of wear but is still in good condition.

Choosing your Japanese Pokemon cards

Once you know some of the design features of Pokemon cards in Japanese, you can choose the ones you like based on some of these options:

  • Rarity - You can build a set of cards based on the level of rarity you want them to have.
  • Sets - You can purchase individual cards that form matching sets of basic, promo, Fossil, or Legendary collections.
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