Point-of-Sale and Money-Handling Solutions

Do you need a payment processing and money handling solution for your business? You will be happy to know that eBay's user-friendly website offers myriad point-of-sale technologies, including affordable barcode scanners and square readers. Before you purchase your money-handling products, there are some things you should know about buying payment handling solutions online.

Which money handling products can you purchase on eBay?

On eBay, you'll find several types of money handling solutions, including new and used money bill counters, barcode scanners, square readers, and cash box technologies. You can choose from a large selection of payment-handling products from well-known brands like IBM, HP, NCR, Radiant Systems, Posiflex, and Touch Dynamic. Whether your business is retail, food service, or tourism, eBay has point-of-sale technologies that can help your company to operate more efficiently.

How do you choose a point-of-sale solution for your business?

Point-of-Sale (POS) and money-handling products fall within three general categories: handheld, wireless, and PC-based. When choosing a payment-handling product, you will want to consider the type of business it will support.

  • Handheld products include scanners that are commonly used at retail checkout counters. This type of scanner is especially useful in stores that carry larger products that may be too heavy to lift or too awkward to move. By scanning the product barcode, register employees can avoid lifting and can expedite the checkout process.
  • PC-based systems support POS terminals in many types of businesses. POS systems are used to process credit card payments, hotel guest check-ins, and restaurant diner bills. POS computers may also store customer data, which facilitates operations like reorders and returns.
  • Wireless systems are widely used in the restaurant business to carry out activities like guest paging, waiter queueing, and food truck paging. These systems usually consist of a docking station that holds 20 pager units, but some docks can use as few as 10 or as many as 40 pagers.

When should you consider purchasing a used money-handling product?

Purchasing a pre-owned POS solution is a good way to save money on pricier products. Buying a cheap POS system offers significant savings if you need to purchase multiple identical units.

Used POS products can also help to fast-track you to the grand opening. A new restaurant owner who needs to establish a payment-handling solution can purchase an entire POS system that has already been set up by another restaurateur. Such a system is likely to require only minor adjustments before going online, making the setup of payments handling a little bit easier.