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Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

You may have a camera on your smartphone, but it's still hard to beat the feel of using a physical digital camera to take photos. While quality photos are usually attributed to DSLR cameras, these are heavy and difficult to operate. Enter the point and shoot camera, which allows you to get the best of both worlds (portability and good photos). 

What is a point and shoot camera?

A point and shoot camera is basically a digital camera that is simple to operate, usually requiring the user to just look at the shot being taken through a viewfinder or screen, and click one button to snap the photo. Most of these cameras also have advanced settings that allow for tweaking of photo sharpness and quality. This type of digital camera is usually portable and light enough to put in your pocket or bag.  

How is a point and shoot camera better than a smartphone camera?

While smartphone cameras are admittedly lighter and more portable than point and shoot cameras, they are still lagging behind most of these cameras in some areas. These include: 

Picture quality - As mentioned, most top-end point and shoot digital cameras still produce better photographs than smartphone cameras in terms of resolution, brightness, and sharpness. This is due to the better lens quality, lens versatility, and sensors that point and shoot cameras have.  

Manual settings - While smartphone cameras are starting to catch up with the level of setting manipulation that digital cameras can provide, they are still not as good as most mid-range or top-end point and shoots. If you are a budding photographer that loves to take macro and aesthetic shots, a point and shoot is still a worthy investment.  

Battery life - Even the best smartphones don't have as good a battery life as most point and shoot cameras, because smartphones share battery life with other applications besides the camera. Most point and shoots can comfortably take 300 to 500 shots before going low on battery.    

What are some important features on point and shoot cameras?

If you are shopping for a point and shoot, you need to look into these features and determine what specifications meet your needs: 

Zoom capacity - The more your camera can zoom, the smaller the items you can take clear pictures of. Optical zoom is more important than digital zoom. 

Camera sensors - Bigger sensors technically produce better photographs, though other factors need to be taken into consideration as well. 

Lens aperture - The type of aperture suitable for you will depend on the kind of shots you plan to take with your camera. 

Other features - Cameras come with a variety of extra features such as underwater shooting capability, continuous shooting, shock resistance, and so on. 

What are some popular point and shoot cameras?

You can find a variety of point-and-shoot cameras from top brands. Some well-known ranges include: 

Canon PowerShot 

Nikon Coolpix 

Sony CyberShot 

Panasonic Lumix   

These are just some of the brands and ranges you can look at for good quality point and shoot cameras. For a one-stop location to browse through most major brands, eBay is an excellent place to turn to, so that you can easily and conveniently find the perfect camera that gives you the results you want.

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