Hit the Open Highway in a Plymouth Road Runner Car

You may fondly remember the 1968 Plymouth Road Runner car, or you may just love the look of cars from that period. Either way, it is easy to get into these budget muscle cars that were available new from 1968 to 1980. These cars may make great restoration projects, and you can find affordable Road Runners for sale on eBay.

What engines were available in the vintage Plymouth Road Runner?

Over this car's 12-year history, several different motors were available. Plymouth introduced the car with a 383 cubic inch B-series V8 engine. When you shop for a 1969 Road Runner for sale on eBay, then you may find options with the 383 cubic inch engine, ones with a 440 V6 engine, or one of the rarer options with a 426 cubic inch Hemi engine. In 1970, they all had the 440 V6 engine. Starting in 1971 and for the next four years, you could find Plymouth Road Runners with 340 cubic inch V8 engines, but in 1971, you could also find the Road Runner car with 383 cubic inch V8 engines or 383 cubic inch V8 engines. If you are shopping for a 1974 Plymouth Road Runner, then you may want to consider ones with a 360 cubic inch V8 engine. From 1975 until production stopped in 1980, you can find four different V8 engines available.

Some Plymouth Road Runner variations

When Plymouth introduced the Road Runner car in 1968, the only option was a two-door pillared coupe, but later in the same year, they added a hardtop model. In 1969 and 1970, you can find a Plymouth Road Runner convertible. Plymouth introduced their Superbird in 1970, and over two years, the company built under 2,500 of them. This car features an extended nose cone covering the standard front grille and a high-mounted rear wing.

What Plymouth Road Runners had an air grabber hood?

The Plymouth Road Runner was one of the first cars to introduce the air grabber hood. During the first two years, a push of a button on the car's interior allowed the engine to get colder air from outside. This system also required the company to modify the breathers, filters, and lids to handle the fresh air intake. The air grabber box is designed differently for regular and Hemi engines. In 1970, the Air Grabber was vacuum-sealed, and it sat flush with the hood while earlier versions rose slightly above the hood when opened.

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