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Jeep Cherokee Cars Offer Classic Power and Style

Jeep Cherokees are one of America's most iconic vehicles. Their handsome, box-shaped design of old influenced generations of SUVs, and their power and four-wheel drive capabilities set the standard for off-road vehicles. Because they're tough, you can find differing years of Jeep Cherokees for sale quite easily equipped with a variety of different styles and features on eBay.

What are the different types of Jeep Cherokees for sale?
  • SJ - The SJ was the first generation of Jeep Cherokees. It was essentially a two-door sportier version of the Wagoneer. The four-door option appeared a few years later. The term SUV was first used to describe the Cherokee SJ.
  • XJ - The Jeep Cherokee XJ became one of America's favorite cars both on and off the highway. Suburban drivers loved the shape, interior space, and ruggedness of them, and off-road enthusiasts reveled in XJ's four-wheel-drive capabilities. Some consider the XJ to be a quantum leap over the SJ, particularly when it comes to its body design. The SJ is much longer and wider than the XJ, yet the XJ manages to retain near 90% of the SJ's interior space.
  • KL - After nearly 15 years of no Cherokees, Jeep reintroduced a new 2014 model back in 2013. It enjoys a much higher fuel economy than the XJ and SJ and comes with features not available on the older models. Although the KL engine and transmission are more current, they are difficult to fix at home. Whereas with the XJ and SJ, many everyday car owners are able to make repairs themselves and carry out any required maintenance without having to go to a specialized dealership.
What is one feature Jeep Cherokees are known for?

It's not uncommon to see a Cherokee XJ for sale because they are the most popular of the Cherokee family. Its four-wheel-drive function was the envy of the off-road car market for years. One Jeep historian said the Jeep Cherokee XJ was an important link in the evolutionary chain of four-wheel-drive trucks. Their popularity remains one of the reasons you'll see such an abundance of Jeep Cherokee XJs for sale.

Some options when purchasing a Jeep Cherokee

When looking for a new or used Jeep Cherokee, you can choose between both two and four-door models with each vehicle the company produced. Select the vehicle that suits your needs. Another consideration when you're looking for a durable, high-performance Jeep Cherokee is whether you'd like an automatic or manual transmission. These are factors to keep in mind when shopping for your preowned Jeep vehicle on eBay.

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