Plant Stands

Having greenery in and around your home improves your quality of life, and plant stands add beauty. Whether they are made of wood, metal or wicker, there are plant stands to brighten any indoor or outdoor decor. Because of the wide variety available, there are a few points to consider before you decide to purchase a stand.

Why is a plant stand useful?

  • Plants that are held above the ground let you sweep without moving the flower pots.
  • They leave fewer hiding places for pests.
  • Tier plant stands provide shade for planters underneath.
  • They save space while holding several plant pots.
  • They make an attractive inside or outside garden.

What are indoor versus outdoor plant stands?

  • Outdoor stands are made of weather-resistant materials and coatings. Wooden tier plant stands have an attractive aged look after being in the garden for a few seasons.
  • Look for products with rust-resistant coatings.
  • Stands with predrilled holes in the base for bolting to a surface add stability.
  • Indoor styles are designed to fit in a corner, on a shelf or otherwise work with the flow of movement in a home.
  • Indoor stands have more glass and appealing visual elements.

What about self-watering options?

  • Wide-tier plant stands allow for flower pots on the top near a window and storage on lower shelves.
  • These displays are usually made of plastic and come in modular designs for smaller plants.
  • Fabric wicks are embedded in the modular reservoirs to water the plants steadily.
  • They often have a wheeled base.

What different designs and sizes are available?

The variety of plant stands is vast, including pedestal, rectangular, tiered, triangular, circular, spiral staircase, fishbowl and more. Plant stands can be as simple as one level for tabletop use or as elaborate as a 4-foot tall spiral staircase for multiple flower pots.

  • A three-plant stand with staggered heights makes an attractive outdoor plant presentation.
  • Some outdoor garden stands are narrow and tall, with loops for hanging plant pots.
  • 10- to 12-inch styles display tiny succulents nicely on a countertop.
  • Six-foot metal and glass baker's racks create a dramatic display for multiple flower pots inside.
  • Make sure the ones you choose can hold the weight of the flower pots as well as the soil and water.
  • Tiered styles should have heavier plants placed on lower shelves for stability.
  • Many stands require some assembly after purchase, but tools are not often required.

What are other considerations for picking a plant stand?

Considering the utility, design, size and stability will help you select the right stand for your home or garden.