Keep your garden in order with plant labels

Get your garden organised this year with a wide variety of plant labels. Plant labels are used to mark the contents of plant pots when planting seeds or transplanting seedlings. Most labels can be written on with a water resistant garden marker pen. Other labels come with a printed selection of herb and flower names. 

Plastic plant labels

Most plant labels are made from plastic. Typically they are 10cm (4inches) in length, with a tapered end. Some varieties are rounded at the top to increase the writing area. Labels are commonly white so that they are easier to read. colored labels are also available, bringing both a splash of color to your greenhouse and if you are organised enough, allowing you to do away with the marker pen and stick to color coding. Plastic plant labels are durable, keeping your garden nearly organised for longer. 

Recycled plant labels

There are several gardening brands selling recycled pant labels made from old plastic plant pots. Whilst still a plastic product, recycled plant pot labels will reduce the flow of plastic and will put your old gardening equipment to good use. 

Wooden labels

There are also several wooden label sets available for purchase. Wooden labels are more durable than plastic labels and can be used season after season. They come in many bright colors and some quaint designs such as old-fashioned imitation road signs. Wooden signs have the added advantage of being biodegradable once they have ceased to be of use. 

Slate and stone

Another popular and aesthetically pleasing form of labelling is slate and stone plant labels. These plant labels blend in well in flower beds and can be written on with a white or silver paint pen. Slate and stone labels look great if you are planning on planting a permanent herb garden, although they are generally more expensive than their plastic counterparts.