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Taste the Difference With the Lincoln Pizza Oven

Not all pizza is created equally. Taste isn't just a matter of quality ingredients; the way it's cooked can make or break that cheesy pie. That's where the Lincoln Impinger comes in.

What type of oven is right for your business?

When shopping for pre-owned, used, or new ovens, it is important to take into account the amount of space you have and the amount of food you need to cook. A restaurant that doesn't have a primary focus on pizza could easily get by with a smaller oven with a lower output while a pizzeria would likely want to look into a bigger oven with a higher production value. There are three main types of ovens available:

  • Convection: This type of oven takes up the least amount of space and is used for low production.
  • Deck: This type takes up a moderate amount of space and is used for medium production.
  • Conveyor: This types takes up the most amount of space and is ideal for high production.
Choosing the Lincoln Impinger pizza oven that's right for you

Consider where you plan on placing your Lincoln pizza oven as this will have a direct impact on the model you need to purchase. Each conveyor oven model has its own benefits. Some of the different models of Lincoln conveyor deck pizza ovens available on eBay include the following:

  • Countertop Impinger: This model sits on most commercial-sized countertops and can be stacked two high. It has a reversible conveyor belt.
  • Impinger I: This pizza oven has fast-bake technology that allows it to bake 30-35% faster than some other models. It can be stacked two high. On some models, such as the Lincoln pizza oven model 1301, the conveyor belt is reversible and can be removed for easy cleanup.
  • Impinger II: Advanced Air Impingement Technology enhances bake quality and uniformity. It can be stacked three high, and the conveyor belt can be removed for easy cleanup.
Is purchasing a refurbished Lincoln commercial conveyor deck pizza oven right for you?

A refurbished Lincoln Impinger conveyor pizza oven is oftentimes just as good as one right out of the box. Whenever an oven is refurbished by a reputable company, the parts have been replaced by ones that come straight from the manufacturer. A major advantage is that when you purchase a refurbished Lincoln conveyor pizza oven, you often get it at a reduced price. Before you buy, remember the following:

  • Look at online reviews for the company that is selling.
  • Check the condition of the oven.
  • See what parts were replaced.
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