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Pistol Parts for Desert Eagle

Originally produced for the Israeli Defense Forces by firearms subcontractor IMI, the Magnum Research Desert Eagle is widely known as an incredibly powerful handgun. This pistol weighs almost five pounds fully loaded and comes with sights installed.

What is the maximum effective range of a Desert Eagle?

A shot fired from a Magnum Research Desert Eagle can effectively hit a target positioned 200 meters away. These long-range pistols can be outfitted with a red dot sight or zoomable scope for more accuracy at ranges usually reserved for rifles.

What ammunition is used in the Desert Eagle pistol?

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle shoots an overpowered 50-caliber Action Express bullet, .50 AE. The type of ammunition you choose for your Magnum Research Desert Eagle is crucial to its function. Semi-jacketed AE ammunition is recommended with the Desert Eagle. However, this gun can also be modified to fire somewhat smaller 44-caliber bullets by replacing the barrel.

Why isn’t the rifling in the Desert Eagle gun visible?

The unique polygonal rifling on a Desert Eagle by Magnum Research is nearly invisible. When you flip your stock and set your sights down the barrel, you might not see any rifling, but it’s there. This special rifling reduces bullet distortion and gas leakage while promoting higher projectile velocity.

What are the benefits of a muzzle brake barrel?

These barrels are common upgrades to Desert Eagle pistols because of their impressive recoils. A muzzle brake is a recoil compensator that redirects propellant gases released when firing to counter the rising of the barrel that is experienced during rapid fire. Gun owners that aren’t concerned by the recoil of their 50-caliber pistols will often invest in these upgrade parts simply to stop shell casings from hitting them in the forehead.

How do you install a new grip on these guns?

Installing a new grip on your Desert Eagle by Magnum Research is perhaps one of the easier upgrades you can undertake for your pistol. The first step consists of removing an old grip from the stock. Contemporary Desert Eagle grips are held on with a standard 6-32 by 1/2 hex cap screw. Consult operating instructions if your existing grip is held on with other hardware. After removing the old grip, carefully clean the area underneath it, and then position the new grip into place. Thread a new hex cap screw through both sides of your grip, and then tighten it to specifications to complete the installation.

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