Make Some Noise with a Pistol Cap Gun

If you or a child in your life loves playing cops and robbers or anything similar, having a pistol cap gun can bring your play to a new level. Cap guns have been widely used toys for many years, delighting people of all ages whether they are the ones shooting or watching. eBay has many new and used cap guns for sale.

What materials have been used to make cheap cap pistols?

Over time, manufacturers have used a couple of different materials to make cap guns. The main materials that have been used are:

  • Cast iron: Traditionally, cap guns were made out of cast iron. Cast iron is strong and sturdy, and it has an antique look to it. If you are looking for a vintage cap gun for sale, consider looking into this category.
  • Zinc alloy: Many of the models made after World War II were made using zinc alloy. Depending on the condition, a zinc alloy cap gun may be fairly valuable as a collector's item.
  • Plastic: Most newer guns are made out of plastic. Plastic can be quite strong and durable, and it also tends to cost less. Therefore, cheap cap guns for sale are likely to be made out of plastic. Note that any gun made in the last several decades had to be made with a bright tip placed over the muzzle. The tip is either orange, red, or yellow.
What types of cap guns are available?

Among the many types of new and used cap pistols on eBay, there are:

  • Ring cap guns: These look and act like revolvers. When you pull the trigger, the cylinder rotates a new cap into position. The hammer is drawn back and then released, and that shock creates a small explosion.
  • Paper cap guns: Also called strip cap guns, these use a strip of caps instead of a ring of caps. Whenever you pull the trigger, the strip advances forward one position, and the hammer strikes the cap.
  • Potato guns: Some types of potato guns use a cap to create the energy needed to fire a small cutting of potato.
  • Roll cap guns: These use a roll of caps that are fed via sprocket.
Cap pistol manufacturers

The list of manufacturers who have made cap gun pistols is fairly extensive. The Ives factory and the J. & E. Stevens Company were some manufacturers of antique cap guns. Newer companies who make these toys include:

  • Hubley
  • Killgore
  • Mattel
  • Schmidt