Everything You Need to Know When Buying Pipe Tools

If you are a plumber, then you should add a Propress pipe tool to your toolbox. Propress tools help with saving a lot of time when pressing fittings. Read on to find out everything you need to know during the buying process when looking at Propress tools for sale on eBay.

Alternatives to soldering a pipe joint

Propress is a system for connecting copper pipes. Many manufacturers sell Propress fittings that you can use with this system. This setup uses special press-fitting technology. Propress uses O-ring inserts on the ends of fittings to tightly secure the pipes when they're pressed by a manual Propress tool.

This press-fitting technology uses a non-flame method of soldering to join tubes. Soldering is a process that joins two or more metals by melting and moves on to flow as a metal filler throughout the joint. The soldering process with a Propress tool works by roughening the surface of the pipe, slipping the fitting onto the pipe, putting the Propress tool in place, and then pulling the trigger of the tool to engage the action. Propress fittings allow plumbers to save time. It does not require solvents and torches to make a secure water-tight seal. An advantage of this method is not being in danger of starting a fire. Moreover, with a Propress tool, you can prepare and then connect the joint in less than 30 seconds.

What Propress tools should I buy?

When you're considering purchasing a new Propress pipe tool on eBay, there are several options to keep in mind. Each performs a specific task. The type of plumbing work you're doing will affect which type of specific tool you need, but Propress tools can accommodate most pipe joining, heating, and plumbing projects.

The Ridgid Propress is a hydraulic crimping tool that is designed for tough jobs. It creates a permanent water-tight seal. The Rigid is a good tool to use with water main repairs. It allows you to make the repair without shutting off the water. Other Propress tools to consider are actuators, rings, jaws, and tubing cutters.

What are the sealing elements?

During the shopping process, you should consider the sealing element used with the Propress tool. Sealing elements go inside of the fittings. O-rings examples of sealing elements. Propress tools also use special sealing elements to press together tubing and piping. The sealing elements then close the inside of the fitting.