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Listen to the Music With Pioneer Vintage Record Players

Vinyl records have made a surprising comeback in recent years among fans of physical media. Pioneer has been a longtime provider of home entertainment and continues to offer models. Fans of classic consumer electronics and home entertainment systems may wish to add a vintage Pioneer record player to their collection; many affordable options are available on eBay.

What vintage Pioneer record players are available?

Many of the available vintage Pioneer turntables were made in the 1970s-80s. Models include:

  • The PL-55 and PL-71: From the mid-1970s
  • The PL-518, PL-530, PL-540, PL-550, PL-560, PL-570, and PLC-590: From the late 1970s
  • The PL-610 and PL-630: From the late 1970s and early '80s
  • The PL-200, PL-400, and PL-600: From the early 1980s
What should you look for in a vintage turntable?

Many turntables from the 1970s to early 1990s were built to last and can still be found in great condition. When shopping for a preowned record player, consider the level of automation you prefer. If you don't mind having to move and lower the arm yourself, a fully manual turntable will be sufficient. An auto-return table, however, is a bit more convenient as the arm will automatically be picked up off the record when it is done playing and returned to the cradle. A counterweight at the end of the tonearm is also something to check for. This prevents the needle from putting too much pressure on each record. A cartridge that has been recently replaced on a vintage turntable is an added bonus. If the device features a ceramic cartridge, this will likely need to be replaced less frequently, but a magnetic cartridge, in contrast, will cause less wear and tear on your vinyl.

Will an older Pioneer model still work?

As long as the vintage record player was taken care of and stored properly, the system should work perfectly fine. Proper care may include using a plastic cover to protect the component from moisture and dust, placement on a stable location like an accompanying cart that holds records, and regular cleaning that includes ensure the needle is dust-free. The design and function of records themselves remain the same, so any pressing regardless of the release year can be played on an older model.

Can a vintage Pioneer turntable also play an 8-track cartridge?

Pioneer did produce a line of stereo systems that combined the ability to play a record with a cartridge slot to play 8-track tapes. See the manufacturer site for details.

How can a Pioneer model be used as decoration?

In addition to being able to play music from a classic LP collection, an older Pioneer device can add old-school flair to an entertainment center and be a statement piece by itself. A classic record player may look appealing in the middle of a collection of more contemporary electronics. With proper positioning, the unit has the possibility of livening up a room.

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