Pioneer Sx 9000

Rocking the Beat With Pioneer SX 9000

The 70s are back, and nothing rocks the retro beat like Pioneer SX9000 stereo receiver. Known for rating 270 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the SX 900 line was the companys most powerful speakers. For the vintage-loving audiophile, eBay has everything from an SX 9000 manual to an iconic Pioneer SX900 receiver.

Is it hard finding receivers and parts for this speaker?

The Pioneer SX 9000 price range varies, but shoppers can easily find Pioneer SX 9000 receivers for sale on eBay at very affordable prices. Receivers for parts and repairs cost less, depending on the condition. Also available is a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for Pioneer SX 9000 restoration and repair. Examples include the following:

  • Pioneer SX 9000 speaker plugs
  • Original meter dial-front panels
  • Original wood cabinet cases and vintage knobs
  • Original power switch parts
  • Output transistors and antennas
What is a reverberation stereo receiver?

In the 1960s, there was a trend to add reverb amps to both car and home speakers. Audiophiles could even buy a reverb car adapter that fit between the speakers and the radio or tape player for cruisers to enjoy the sound in their cars. The Pioneer SX 900 came with its own built-in "echo." Fans of the reverberation sound can find selections of Pioneer reverberation stereo receivers as well as used parts for restoration, repairs, or upgrades.

What are some interesting features of the Pioneer SX 9000?

The Pioneer SX 9000 speakers have a reputation for being the ultimate in 1980s listening. At that time, stereos mostly had controls for balance, volume, tone, and the selection of AM, FM, auxiliary, or phonograph modes; a headphone jack; and somewhere between three to ten watts of power. The SX 900 came with AM and FM stereo or mono, two tape monitors with headphone jacks for recording and playback, two inputs for records, two auxiliary inputs for a reel-to-reel tape decks or cassette tapes, low and high bandpass filters, loudness switches, and FM muting. It also had a built-in reverberation unit that could be assigned to one or both channels and stereo microphone inputs with controls for balance. These features made it the equivalent of a four-track recorder.

What were the specs of the vintage Pioneer SX 9000?

The vintage Pioneer SX 9000 had tuning and signal meters, two monitors, two sound outputs, and reverb control. It also met the following specifications:

  • Tuning range: MW, FM
  • Power output: 50 watts per channel
  • Frequency response: 10 to 35 HZ
  • Dimensions: 522 x 194 x 344mm
  • Weight: 15.7kg
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