Ways to Invest in a Pioneer SX 1250 Receiver

If you are looking to have a unique sound system with a touch of the classic designs, make sure that you consider the Pioneer SX 1250 receiver. This receiver can connect both old and new audio devices, so compatibility with the other audio devices in your setup is not liable to be an issue. Rest assured that you will be able to find the right selection at a bargain price on eBay.

Will this receiver work with your turntables?

Yes, the Pioneer SX 1250 will come with phono inputs, which will work with turntables. Although it can be confusing, phono inputs are the same as RCA inputs with the only difference being in the names. In fact, the Pioneer SX 1250 dimensions are big enough that this receiver will come with phono 1 and phono 2 inputs. Youll have the phono inputs for both the left and the right.

What audio devices can you connect to this receiver?

The Pioneer SX-1250 price on eBay can be quite affordable for what you are getting. Since many new devices have been introduced to the world of audio systems, you will want to double check that your audio devices will work with the Pioneer SX 1250. When it comes to the receivers inputs, youll find phono, antenna, auxiliary, and tape inputs, which are the same as RCA inputs. Devices that you can connect to this receiver include:

  • Blu-Ray players
  • Turntables
  • MP3 players
  • DVRs
What speakers work with the Pioneer SX 1250?

The Pioneer receiver itself can handle 160 watts RMS per channel. Moreover, you will be able to connect your speakers with speaker wires. Youll have the options of using the receivers binding posts or using pin connectors. Other inputs that you may find useful for your speakers are the left and right microphone jacks. The Pioneer SX 1250 receiver will have speaker A, B, and C inputs. You can also keep your speakers from blowing out by using the receivers signal strength meter and tuning meter.

Can you get stereo sound from this receiver?

Yes, you will be able to get stereo sound from a new or used Pioneer SX 1250. Although some of the receivers inputs will not support stereo, you can still use alternatives that carry stereo support, such as the RCA inputs. However, you will also want to check the auxiliary cables to ensure that they are stereo and not analog cables.

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