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Finding Pro Audio Equipment

Playing in a band means that you can't compromise your sound, so you need the most professional audio equipment available. Once you have the right instruments, the proper gear, equipment, and accessories can make a difference when it comes to enhancing your sound. When you're looking for a more retro sound, opt for vintage pro audio equipment. 

What Are Some Equipment Types Available?

There are many types of parts and accessories available, so it can be easy to become overwhelmed. However, consider the instruments you're using and the gear you need as you shop, and you'll realize how frustration-free it is to put it all together. There are even package deals available from Pioneer.  

  • Speakers and monitors are a must when you're putting on a show. Pioneer offers everything from studio desktop speakers to powerful woofers and monitors that vary in size. Speaker drivers and horns give your sound full throttle onstage.  
  • Onstage, your voice and your music needs to be heard, so you'll need microphones and wireless systems to enable this to happen. This category includes PAs, too. Mounts, stands, and holders help keep your mic in place and give you a spot to stash your guitar when you're not playing it. 
  • Add special effects to your songs with technical equipment like samplers and sequencers that can loop in samples of other songs to add excitement. These are also useful for DJs. 

What Are Some Necessary Behind-the-Scenes Gear Types?

A lot goes into recording music in the studio along with putting on a concert live. There are multiple types of parts and gear your audience will never see or know about, but you need them to be a successful musician and run a smooth show. 

  • You have to lug your gear from one place to another, so use cases and bags to get your instruments from gig to gig safely. Racks allow you to mount your musical instruments properly and make setup a breeze.  
  • Hooking all of the audio equipment up to make a show possible requires more cables than anyone could imagine. Interconnects and snakes are a necessity to ensure everything is plugged in and working properly so you sound your best.  
  • In the studio, the public never hears your tunes until they've been properly mixed. That's where signal processors, rack effects, and mixers come into play to polish and perfect your sound. These can also remix your music and give it your own distinct sound quality. 

What Package Deals Can You Get?

When you're on a budget or you're just starting out in the music business, buying pro audio equipment and gear may be out of your price range. It's a good idea to look at Pioneer package deals to get many pieces for a lower price. Here are some options.  

  • Interested in a DJ career? Get the party started with a package that includes a headset, speakers, and a soundboard that allows you to hone your craft. Necessary software is included in the bundle.  
  • Need speakers? Buy a pair that already comes with stands and cables, and all you need to do is plug them in and wow your audience.  
  • A PA, mixer, monitors, cables, and a pair of speakers will have you stage-ready in seconds.    

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