Get Into the Beat With a Pioneer 570 Turntable

Vinyl is making a comeback, and the Pioneer Pl 570 represents the epitome of vintage style. Introduced in the late 1970s, the high-end turntable is a two-speed, direct-driven, integrated system favored by audiophiles and collectors of vintage electronic equipment. Many affordable options are available on eBay.

What are the Pioneer PL 570 specs and features?

Loaded with features, the PL 570 originally came with anti-skating force control, stylus pressure direct-readout counterweight, Warren motor for automatic functions, lateral balancer, cuing device, headshell stand, arm-height adjusting device, free stop hinge, insulator feet, and strobe light. The features were innovative for the 70s and 80s, and collectors still seek them out. The PL 570 weighs over 26 pounds and includes the following specs:

  • Quartz PLL Hall motor and aluminum alloy die-cast turntable
  • Direct drive
  • 33 and 45 RPM speeds
  • Static-balanced tonearm with S-shaped pipe arm
  • Wood veneer case
What makes the Pioneer PL 570 a favorite of collectors?

Fans of the Pioneer PL 570 range from individuals who bought the turntable in high school to those who cherish restored models of the vintage collectible. The most admired qualities include the turntables excellent sound, fine craftsmanship, dependability, aesthetic appeal, durability, and value as a collectible.

Does eBay sell PL 570 parts and accessories?

On eBay, you can find a Pioneer PL 570 for sale, or you can buy parts and accessories for restoring and updating Pioneer PL 570 turntables. Accessories that came with original turntables include small tool boxes, spare head shells, and 45 RPM adapters. These and other replacement parts are available:

  • PL 570 manuals
  • Replacement isolator/feet and pads
  • Tonea5rm assemblies, drives, belts, platters, and rubber mats
  • Pioneer PL 570 cartridges
  • Drives and belts
What are some reasons DJs prefer direct drive turntables?

A turntables job is to spin a vinyl record on a platter at a even speed using one of two methods: a belt or a direct drive. The PL 570 has a direct drive. That means it reaches its speed as soon as it is turned on. When turned off, the platter spins freely with no resistance. DJs can spin records in any direction without damaging the turntable as long as the turntable is turned off. It is also easier to change the tempo of a record on a direct drive turntable, especially for DJs who like to blend a song on one turntable with a one on another table. Belt drives take a few seconds to reach full speed, and spinning the platter when it has been turned off damages the belt.

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