What You Should Know About the Pioneer PL 530 Turntable

As vinyl records are making a comeback, so too are vintage turntables. When you are looking to spin a few tunes, there are many vintage turntables available on eBay. The Pioneer PL 530 turntable is an automatic turntable that was made between the years of 1976 and 1978, and the following questions and answer will give you more helpful information about it.

How does the Pioneer PL 530 turntable work?

Direct drive turntables work by having the platter attached directly to the motor. Instead of using a belt to drive the platter, the motor turns the platter directly. Direct drive turntables offer a consistent and accurate speed, fast startup times, and strong torque. Having a higher torque makes the platter less affected by outside forces, such as a hand or a stylus. The faster startup times reduce sound distortion. Direct drive turntables are also necessary if you want to spin the platter for DJ purposes. They allow you to spin the record in either direction to create a unique sound.

What do you consider when purchasing a Pioneer PL 530?

With so many Pioneer PL 530's available on eBay, there are some items you should look for while shopping for one. The Pioneer PL-530 has rubber feet that hold it in place. Check for the condition of the feet as worn ones will cause the table to sit unevenly and affect its play. Replacements are available on eBay if needed. The tonearm is another item you want to ensure works. If it is just missing a needle, those can easily be found on eBay and are simple to replace. The Pioneer PL-530 turntable has several buttons that perform different functions. Check that they are all intact and in working order. Finally, it is necessary to protect turntables from dust. If the turntable does not come with its original plastic dust cover, you will want to seek out a replacement on eBay.

What are the specs of the Pioneer PL 530 turntable?

The Pioneer PL 530 turntable features two speeds. It can play at 33 and 45 rpm. It is fully automatic and uses direct drive. The Pioneer PL 530 turntable has a brushless DC serve hall motor. The tonearm has an S-shaped pipe arm and is the static balanced type. The platter is made from 330mm aluminum alloy diecast. See the manufacturer site for details, but some other specs are as follows:

  • Speed control range - +-2%
  • Wow and flutter - 0.03%
  • Rumble - 70 dB
  • Dimensions - 480 x 390 x 170mm
  • Weight - 10kg
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