Pioneer DJ Turntables Make for an Excellent Listening Experience

Pioneer has developed a great tool for anyone looking to add to their DJ equipment. This is a must-buy for anybody that is a DJ or is looking to learn how to mix and play music for personal or professional use. There are many types of Pioneer turntables at various price points on eBay that include a variety of convenient and functional features.

What are the main features of Pioneer turntables?

Pioneer's turntables come with a number of different features that make it a great asset to DJs of all skill levels. Some turntables come with Rekordbox Software Functions, making them MIDI-compatible and usable in multiple Digital Audio Workstation settings. These machines also come with these other features that can help you play and manipulate music:

  • Performance features like quantize and slip
  • Needle search for searching for specific parts of a track
  • Vinyl speed adjust for tempo purposes
  • Wi-Fi source connectivity

These features give a DJ copious amounts of control over the music to mix, scratch, remix, and play in any setting in order to customize sounds for parties, clubs, or special events.

Where can you use DJ turntables?

The most recognizable place you'll find these Pioneer turntables is a club or an event that involves a DJ. DJs always carry turntables with them whether it is to perform songs as recorded or to remix live to an audience in a club or a performance setting. Because there is a USB outlet, this also means that you can plug the mixer into a laptop or desktop computer to use it in a recording setting. When connected to a computer with a working digital audio workstation, you can use the different techniques a turntable offers, such as scratching or fading.

How do you use a turntable?

There are a number of ways to use a turntable. If you look at the buttons on a turntable, such as the Pioneer CDJ, you'll notice there are faders as well as a CD player to play music on and a screen that shows sound waves to show the volume and speed of the audio. You can use the deck to scratch or move the CD manually or to go backwards or forwards to play different parts of the track. You can do this at different speeds to create a new rhythm or remix. You can use the faders to add or subtract volume from the track. They create a different dynamic and add dimension to the music.

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