Check Out the Features and Styles of Pilot Survival Knives

Most military units issue some kind of survival knife to pilots in case the plane goes down in an emergency and the occupants lose most of the equipment that might be available otherwise. You can take a look at eBay to find different versions of the pilot survival knife for sale at reasonable prices that can fit your budget. Getting to know the main characteristics and features of some of these knives can help you find one you like.

Design features of common survival knives

Survival knives can have different designs or features that can vary from one model to the next. However, most of these items share a few things in common. Brands such as Marbles, Browning, or Camillus make their own versions of survival knives with distinctive looks and accents. Here are a few common features you can include:

  • Serrations - You may find a pilot survival knife with serrations on part of the main edge or the back of the blade. These allow you to use the knife as a camp saw or fish scaler.
  • Compass - An air force survival knife may have a built-in compass in the butt of the handle to help you keep your sense of direction.
  • Compartments - You can get a version of a pilot survival knife with a hollow handle to store small essentials.
Can you get vintage pilot survival knives?

Yes, many of the survival knives you find on eBay are vintage implements from various periods. You can find items such as a Camillus Air Force survival knife from the Vietnam era or a Colonial knife that belonged to a World War II pilot. These knives could be a welcome addition if you like to collect edged weaponry, and they may bear the standard hallmarks of use or age. Engravings on the handles or patinas on the blade steel are common with vintage survival knives such as these. Looking through the preowned pilot survival knife sections on eBay can be an efficient way to find the antique items you might want to add to your repertoire at an inexpensive price.

Finding accessories for your pilot survival knife

Many of the survival knives that you find for sale on eBay may already include a nice range of accessories at no extra cost. Here are a couple of items that might come with your knife:

  • Stones - Because a pilot survival knife is intended for wilderness survival, many of them include stones you can use to keep the blade edges sharp.
  • Sheaths - You can get a knife without a holder, but you can also find products that include sheaths meant to carry them securely. Most sheaths for these survival knives are made from leather materials.