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Picking Your Perfect Picture Frame

To display your cherished photos with the character and emotion they deserve, all it takes is finding the right picture frames in which to display them. Picture frames come in a wide range of materials, sizes, colors, styles, and designs. Picking the right picture frame for any given picture is a combination of finding what most suits the picture itself as well as the place where you will be displaying it, along with your own personality and style.

Different types of picture frames

eBay picture frames can be found in almost any material although some materials are more prevalent than others, such as:

  • Wood - Wood picture frames are a classic option with a natural look and a warm feel. Types of wooden photo frames eBay has available include mahogany, walnut, pine, oak, and ash.
  • Metal - Metallic picture frames lend a trendy, contemporary, chic feel to an image. They also bring out the vividness of the color in particularly colorful images. Their classy look lends well to landscape images, family portraits, and posed pictures of major celebrations like weddings. Colored metallic frames can lend an accent of color to black and white images as well.
  • Shadowboxes - These are deeply set frames that give a three-dimensional texture to the art they frame. They also work well for large posters and are good for 3D art.
  • Floater frames - These frames are made of canvas and have a bar in the back rather than a slider in front that holds the art in place. The effect is to make it seem as if the art is literally "floating" inside without touching the frame.
Picking the right color of picture frame

When looking at the colors of picture frames for sale, pick darker-toned frames for photos with warmer colors like oranges, browns, and reds. Pick lighter-toned eBay frames for photos with cooler colors like greens and blues. Black or white frames go well for black and white pictures. Pick a black picture frame for a particularly elegant or posed photo or a white picture frame for a particularly casual or candid photo. To add an artistic zeal to black and white photos, however, you can also place them in solid-color picture frames.

Picking the right picture frame for your space

Find frames for sale that match or complement the decor of your home. Whether your home decor is predominantly traditional, rustic or contemporary, choose a style of picture frame to match. Avoid placing overly ornate picture frames in homes with relatively simple decor. Likewise, avoid overly plain and simple picture frames in a home with lots of character touches and design flourishes.

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