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Physical Therapy and Rehab Supplies

Individuals on the path to recovery through physical therapy or rehab can benefit greatly from assistive tools and devices to help soft tissue and muscles heal.There are a wide range of physical therapy and rehab supplies available for anyone working back to better health from resistance bands to wheelchairs. Therapy patients and facilitators can take advantage of these tools without needing to go through a facility.

What tools are available for physical therapy?

Physical therapy can require a number of modality treatments, so the supplies a therapist uses naturally come in a wide variety of applications. These include the following:

  • Cooling and heating compresses: These promote muscle relaxation.
  • Electrotherapy machinery: This can assist in stimulating nerves.
  • Ultrasound units: These use sound waves and have a range of uses depending on the desired treatment.
  • Exercise equipment: This helps motor function during recovery.
  • Braces and supports: These help provide better balance and control.
How do you pick the right supplies?

It might be difficult to narrow down which tools will best serve you or your patients. To get the most out of your physical therapy routine, consider the condition for which you or your patient is getting therapy.

The range of therapy types extends beyond these examples, so a little research and due familiarity with the condition being treated should make the process simpler. Speaking with a physician or physical therapist can further streamline the process.

  • An orthopedic patient can get use out of hot compresses, endurance equipment, and therapeutic ultrasound techniques.
  • Neurological therapy often uses tools specially designed to measure sensory stimuli and support motor function recovery.
  • Pediatric physical rehabilitation uses tools that are often child-friendly, such as thermotherapy and cryotherapy, in addition to special exercises. Some equipment, designed specifically for pediatric patients, is child-sized and with bright, fun colors or patterns.
How do you use physical therapy and rehab supplies safely?

The key to a swift and healthy recovery is having a therapist perform physical therapy on muscle tissue regularly and properly. It’s of the utmost importance that you adhere to safe practices while working through rehabilitation as there is no better way that you can ensure the therapy proceeds to your liking. Whether or not you are working closely with a physical therapist to meet your goals, you should take care as you heal, work slowly, and never work through pain.

Read all advisory information and instructions on the rehab supplies prior to use so that you are certain that you are using the equipment properly and as intended by its manufacturer.

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