Studio Gear is Key to Making it as a Photographer

When it comes to getting that perfect shot, there are a multitude of components that come together to make magic happen. From the light stand you choose to use and the light meters that control the show, to the actual camera and other photography equipment itself, everything must be correctly matched to deliver that studio quality people are willing to pay for. Whether you are a budding amateur photographer or a studio legend, sellers on eBay have everything you'll ever need to make it in the photography world.  

Is Studio Gear Important?

While most photographers spend hours laboring over which particular brand of camera and lens is right for the job, many do not spend nearly the same amount of time choosing the right studio gear. Professionals know the value of studio equipment, and any photographer can learn to take these gorgeous shots if they have the right techniques and the right equipment.  

● Proper studio can arguably have a larger effect on your results than the actual camera. For example, those studio-quality shots you see in the magazines could never be attained by using a camera and lens alone, even if the camera was the most expensive model on earth!  

● It is important to have a slew of equipment ready to ensure you can create the right atmosphere and composition for every photo captured. 

How Much Attention Should you Pay to Lighting?

Photography literally means "writing with light," and as such, the lighting you use in your studio plays one of the biggest roles in getting those jaw-dropping shots. By intelligently managing the sources, strengths, and directions of light, you are taking charge over your set, which results in better creative control and a much stronger final product.  

Light controls are key to balancing that light, as is the perfect balance between continuous lighting to constantly illuminate your shot and flash lighting that gives that extra burst of light when you need it most.  

● While certain lighting issues, like the temperature of a shot, can be corrected in many of the post-processing programs available on the market, many lighting issues are simply impossible to compensate for with even the best software. It is therefore better to take a well-lit shot the first time, instead of capturing a poorly lit, improperly balanced shot and worrying if you can fix it later. 

How do You Get Started?

The best way to transition from being a camera-only photographer to a studio photographer is to collect the key components you need and just dive right into it.  

● Many typical home studios include at least two flash heads, stands, and modifiers, all of which can be found on eBay.  

● Flash heads are triggered by sync cables that easily connect to your camera, ensuring the flash activates only when your camera indicates it's ready to capture the image.  

● Ensure you have at least one backdrop to serve as a photography background. Most photographers have multiple backdrops to correctly match the scene they are about to shoot.  

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