Upgrade Your Photography With Phase One Cameras

If taking the highest-quality images that money can buy is important to you, consider a Phase One camera. eBay makes it easy to find the right new or used camera for your professional photography needs. Review these answers to common customer questions to help narrow down your selection.

What types of products does Phase One offer?

Phase One produces two basic categories of products:

  • Digital cameras: Phase One's digital cameras feature high pixel densities. Some models from this company can shoot pictures with 100 megapixels or more, and every camera produced by this company is designed for professional photographers who require high-resolution images. Some of these cameras, such as the Phase One XF, are shaped like traditional DSLR cameras, but others, like the Hasselblad V-series, are small enough to be mounted on drones or on the dashboard of your car.
  • Camera lenses and filters: This company also produces lenses and filters for professional photographers.
What types of Phase One lenses are there?

Phase One makes a variety of different high-end lenses for their cameras. All of these lenses are compatible with Phase One cameras, but they may also be compatible with cameras made by other brands. The types of lenses that are offered include macro lenses, which help with close-up shots, and fisheye lenses, which create a wider viewpoint. There are also telephoto lenses, which allow you to capture images from a significant distance. Phase One also makes a variety of filters, which change the coloring of your pictures to create different effects. Some of these lenses are offered in solid colors, but others may filter out UV light or cause your photos to take on a sepia tone. These filters can often be used in conjunction with Phase One lenses.

How do you pick the right Phase One camera?

Price is a definite consideration when you are looking for a Phase One camera to use in your studio. As a company that specializes in producing high-end photography equipment, Phase One cameras are priced accordingly, and brand new products will be more expensive. However, many pre-owned cameras are also available on eBay and serve as more affordable options. In addition, some Phase One cameras on eBay may come with accessories like tripods and carrying cases, which are an option to consider if you're planning to take your camera with you on the go.

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