Petrified Wood for Sale

Petrified wood value rises continually as crafting finds more and more uses for its sturdy beauty. If you treasure nature in all its forms, then you'll look for eBay petrified wood that is raw and ready for you to shape into a final product, that you can leave as is, or that is already crafted into lasting furniture, jewelry, or display pieces. If you ask how much is petrified wood worth, then you need to consider size, condition, and the degree that it has been worked on.

Is it possible to identify the type of tree from petrified wood for sale?

While the petrification process can blur the identity of the wood, often the cell structures typical to a tree species may be identified under magnification to satisfy your curiosity. Conifers, angiosperms, and ginkgoes each show varying cell structures and patterns as you choose from eBay's descriptions of a piece's growth rings. To be specific, you may select petrified wood from a pine tree if you read its description. The description will read: as having rays from the middle of the cross section radiating outwards to the bark while showing resin ducts.

The uses for petrified wood

You already know the answer if you make jewelry, furniture, or keepsakes out of petrified wood because its history as an emblem of our earth's past speaks for itself. Choose a polished bit of petrified wood in your friend's favorite color to give as a gift or decide upon a rough chunk to hand around your classroom as your students try to decide what kind of tree it came from. In larger blocks, specimens may be hewn into table tops or even counter tops for a distinctive look in a kitchen. Another use for affordable large pieces is building blocks to insert into a stone structure such as a wall or fence to make a unique conversation piece.

Colors of petrified wood

The delight of petrified wood is that its genesis produced a bountiful array of colors derived from the colors of minerals dissolving into its structures. Gray, green, red, blue, brown, yellow, pink and orange generate warm hues in each bit of petrified wood. If you consider the time it takes to make colorful petrified wood and how easy it is to select the perfect piece on eBay, then you'll consider your time well spent.

Are there other plant forms or materials that may arrive in a piece of petrified wood?

Depending on how finely your piece has been segregated from its matrix, your new or preowned petrified wood may contain pine cones, moss, petrified insects, fungus, and even bits of amber.