Peter Max Art Prints

Peter Max is an American artist known for using bright colors. The pop culture icon has been featured in art galleries around the globe.

What are some of the themes of Peter Max's art?

Peter Max has worked with a lot of themes over the decades. He has also embraced different themes that are based on significant decades of the 1900s.

  • Cosmic 60s: Includes such themes as Summer of Love, Beatles, Yellow Submarine, and flowers.
  • Statue of Liberty: Various angles of the Statue of Liberty have been painted.
  • American flag: Stars, stripes, and interpretations of the flag are included.
  • Presidents of the United States: Includes portraits of JFK, Clinton, and Obama
  • Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and other characters have been featured by Peter Max.
What types of prints are available?

It's possible to find Peter Max art in a variety of different types of prints. This determines how the art goes onto the print and whether it's ink, paint, or another substance. It also impacts the type of paper or canvas that it is on. The print type may also be available in different sizes, allowing you to choose the size of the art that you display.

  • Posters: Commercially printed on poster paper.
  • Giclee on canvas: A process that prints paint onto canvas.
  • Serigraph: A technique with stencils and ink.
  • Lithograph: A printing technique using chemicals.
How do you frame Peter Max artwork?

The framing depends on the type of art print that you have. There are standards in place for framing to display the art based on its type.

  • Serigraph or lithograph: Typically matted and framed under glass.
  • Canvas: Typically framed with no glass to show off the peaks and valleys of the paint.
  • Posters: Typically framed with plexiglass or plastic.
What is a signed and numbered print?

Signed and numbered artwork lets you know that you have a limited edition. Often, the format of the painting, such as a giclee or serigraph, will only be created a certain number of times. It is signed by Peter Max in the bottom right corner. The number is then expressed as a fraction. The bottom number is the total number of prints released while the top number signifies the number that you have. The first five will often be identified as "AP," which is an artist proof. Once all of a certain painting has been released, there will be no more created and the stencils are destroyed.

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