Celebrate Team Spirit With a Peru Jersey

Soccer is a sport known around the world, with Peru being just one of many South American countries that loves the game. For those who are serious about football and love the Peruvian national football team, show your pride with a Peru jersey! With many different styles and variations to choose from, you'll find no shortage of options on eBay when it comes to showing your support for your favorite team.

Which companies manufacture Peru jersey shirts for football teams?

Over the many years the Peruvian national football team has played, they have had a number of different companies manufacturing their standard kit. If you're looking for authentic jerseys from each era of the team's history, these are the companies that have manufactured them.

  • 1978-1985: Originally, the company to do this was Adidas from 1978-1981. The company then manufactured jerseys again from 1983 – 1985. Penalty briefly took over duties from 1981-1982.
  • 1986-1996: After that, Calvo, Puma, Power, Diadora and Polmer manufactured the team's kits from 1986-1996, each company getting a two-year stint in the position.
  • 1996-2018: Next, Umbro took over from 1996-1997, being replaced by Walon from 1998-2010 before Umbro returned to the team from 2010-2018.
  • Beyond 2018: Since 2018, Marathon has been manufacturing the team's kit.
What are Peru's jersey colors?

The Peru jersey has stayed largely unchanged in terms of color and design over the years. Always being red and white, it is meant to emulate the design of the Peruvian flag. Their first kit for home games varies slightly from a standard design of a white shirt with a red, diagonal stripe coming from the left shoulder to the right hip. The second kit for away games typically inverts these colors with a red shirt and white stripe. There have historically been more variations to this kit with regard to shade and line thickness, however. eBay has both replica and authentic jerseys from virtually all eras of the Peru national team kit.

What material are Peruvian jersey shirts made from?

The majority of Peruvian national team jerseys are made from 100% polyester, a synthetic and hypoallergenic fabric. This holds for most of the jerseys produced by and for the team throughout the ages, though other materials like cotton are not impossible to find on eBay.