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Ford Ranger Performance Chips

As automobiles have become more technologically advanced, it has become far more prevalent to tune the automobile's performance via onboard computers rather than under the hood. Performance chips are aftermarket automobile parts that replace the factory chips in order to boost performance and fuel economy, as well as enhancing other mechanical aspects of a vehicle. By installing a performance chip and using high-octane gasoline, you should see a significant increase in the overall performance of your Ford Ranger.

What are the various changes these chips bring?

When using a performance chip in a pickup truck such as the Ford Ranger, if everything is tuned well and there are no underlying mechanical issues, you can see more than improvements in horsepower (HP) and fuel efficiency. Here are some things these chips improve.

  • Prevents damage by safeguarding the engine and other components by correcting air-to-fuel inconsistencies
  • Decreases the amount of HP needed during combustion, which is what helps reduce fuel consumption
  • Boosts other aftermarket modifications you have made or plan to make to your Ford Ranger
  • Allows you to use a power programmer to further enhance specific capacities
What types of performance chips are there?

Since owners of the Ford Ranger want to make different changes to their pickups based on what they want to use them for, chip manufacturers have developed numerous types that fit a wide range of applications. Here are two of the most popular types.

  • Control modules: Permanently installed as a part of the vehicle's electric system, between its sensors and Engine Control Unit (ECU) - also known as Engine Control Module (ECM) - they alter information to the ECU in order to change the air-to-fuel ratio, spark timing, as well as other important functions in order to increase running behavior.
  • Power programmers: They work by intercepting and altering information sent to the ECM in the same way as the above model. The difference with this chip is that it isn't permanently installed. This particular chip uses a power programmer unit and features an LCD screen that guides you through a series of questions concerning the sort of changes you want to make. The programmer may even ask you what kind of fuel you use and what your driving habits are. After the information is collected, it modifies the information coming from the sensors to the ECU.
How is the performance chip installed?

It's very important that you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The programmer-type performance chip simply connects to the OBD-II port underneath the dashboard. On the other hand, the module-type performance chip requires more technical know-how.

Underneath the hood of your Ranger, you can find the truck's ECM. The control module is wired directly to the Ranger's onboard computer. More often than not, this installation doesn't require you to do any drilling or soldering. As mentioned above, this particular unit is designed to stay permanently installed. Nevertheless, if there comes a time you wish to return your Ranger to its factory settings, it can be done.