Pentax Spotmeter for Perfect Exposure

Pinpoint the exact exposure settings that would be best for proper exposure of your photograph with this Pentax spotmeter. Spotmeters are known for their highly accurate exposure readings, and the Pentax spotmeter is a handheld, battery-powered spotmeter. You can find an affordable spotmeter on eBay and improve your game without breaking your budget.

How are analog spotmeters used?

Analog spotmeters, like the Pentax Spotmeter are still useful today. They are small and unobtrusive when you want to take multiple exposure readings of a subject that you dont want to know you are photographing. They are lightweight, so they are easy to hold for a long time while taking multiple readings. Also, they are more economical than digital spotmeters yet are highly accurate in their readings.

How do you use the Pentax Spotmeter?

First, turn the main dial on the spotmeter to your ISO setting. Look through the eyepiece and turn the focus dial until you can clearly read the meter. Point the spotmeter at the portion of the object you would like to measure. There is a circle in the window that shows where you are taking a reading on your subject. Hold down the metering button and read the number in the index in the window. This is your EV number. Turn the outer dial to the EV number shown by the spotmeter. The meter will show you combinations of speed (T scale) and aperture settings (F scale) to choose from. You will need to take into account the exposure change due to filters you may be using.

How do you use averaging with the Pentax Spotmeter?

You will point the spotmeter first at the darkest and lightest areas in your subject. Take the two EV readings, add them, and divide by two. If the difference between the two EV ratings is over 5, you can take a reading from the middle tone as well in order to help you narrow down your average EV rating.

What may be included with a spotmeter?

Included in the box with a Pentax Spotmeter, you may find:

  • Pentax Spotmeter V
  • Leather case
  • Lens cap
  • Wrist strap
  • Manual
  • Button batteries
What kind of batteries does the Pentax Spotmeter take?

These devices run on three LR44 button cells. There is a battery checker button you can press that is under the lens that will show when the batteries are weak and need to be replaced. When you press the battery checker button, the proper level is within the zone demarcated by the black line.

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