Up Your Game with Penn International 80 Fishing Reels

When you are looking for a Penn International 80 reel to go fishing with, there are quite a few options that you can consider, both new and used, on eBay. Many of these fishing reels can be used in either saltwater and freshwater, so you should be able to find a Penn International to fit your needs. These reels are designed to accommodate big game fishing, offshore fishing, and trolling.

Considerations when choosing a Penn International 80 real

The 80 in the Penn International 80 refers to the test weight, in pounds, of the reel. Several models are available, most with four bearings each. Most have a ratio of 2:7:1. Specs for different models of this reel include:

  • 80: An 80s reel with a capacity of 750 yards of monofilament. It was made from 1967 to the late '80s and weighed 108 ounces.
  • 80W: An early '70s to '80s upgrade to the 80 that holds 950 yards of mono.
  • 80T: This '80s model replaced the 750-yard capacity 80 until 2002; it shaved 20 ounces off the weight of its predecessor, bringing it down to 83 ounces.
  • 80TW: The '80s upgrade to the 80W with a 950-yard capacity, this 86-ounce reel was made until 2007.
  • 80 V series: The early 2000s upgrade to the previous model series that increased the gear ratio to 3.0:1/1:4.1. Three models offer mono capacities from 700-950 yards and braided capacities from 2125-2900 yards. It added two additional bearings for a total of six, which brought the weight for all three versions to 111 ounces.
What kinds of fishing can be done with these reels?

Penn International 80 reels are conventional saltwater fishing reels. They are specially designed for big game fishing. Tuna, marlin, swordfish, sailfish, halibut, and king salmon are all common choices for this reel. These reels are commonly used when fishing by boat on 6- to 8-foot poles.

Choosing a reel by condition

eBay offers a variety of new and used versions of these reels from different ages. They may be:

  • Discontinued or new but unused: These reels can be treated like they are new in the box, regardless of date of manufacture.
  • Used: Regardless of the age of the model, if these reels were exposed to saltwater, it's recommended you perform a check for parts/maintenance needs upon purchase. Aftermarket parts are widely available for all models of reel.
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