Pad Your Storage Case Using Pelican 1750 Foam

Pelican 1750 foam provides you with a huge range of options for insulating, protecting, and storing your items. You can alter the inserts in the foam to suit the precise dimensions you need. eBay carries a wide selection of Pelican 1750 custom foam that should suit your preferences.

How does Pelican 1750 foam work?

Most Pelican 1750 replacement foam you'll find comes as a single sheet. You may be able to purchase several sheets as part of a combo package from eBay. Each sheet has a selection of raised squares across its surface. You can pick out or pluck individual squares to meet your insulation needs. Once you've installed your Pelican 1750 foam and selected items for storage, you can mark the outline of these items by placing them on top of the foam. Take out all the squares in the outline and you'll be ready to insert your item into the area that remains. You can repeat this process until your foam sheet is full of items.

What materials does Pelican 1750 foam use?

Most Pelican 1750 foam you will find on eBay uses polyurethane or polyethylene as a base. These two materials are similar, and both will pad your items securely. The specific type you choose will depend on the kinds of items you want to store. You may want to stock up on both kinds of plucking foam to meet all your needs. Some characteristics of these foam types are:

  • Texture - Pelican 1750 foam uses a soft, smooth texture that cushions your items gently.
  • Durability - Although this foam is soft, it is durable enough to insulate light, medium, or heavy objects and provide some protection against impacts.
  • Versatility - You can combine both polyethylene and polyurethane foam inserts to support light and heavy loads.
What are some compatible items for Pelican 1750 foam?

Replacement foam for the Pelican 1750 case is designed to be compatible with several items. Because it is a long block of foam, it works for carrying lengthy objects safely. Some common compatibility features for this foam are:

  • Firearms - You should be able to insulate and store longer rifles safely in this foam.
  • Attached scope - The dimensions of Pelican 1750 foam allow you to store hunting rifles without needing to remove the scope first.
  • Magazines - You can make extra room at the bottom or sides of the foam to store extra magazines and other accessories.
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