Your Guide for Buying a Pedicure Stool

When youre working on clients feet all day, you need a comfortable seat. The right pedicure stool can ease stress and increase productivity. You can find the right affordable pedicure stool to meet your needs on eBay.

Types of pedicure stools

There are three types of pedicure stools: backless, low/mid-back, and high-back. It helps to know the advantages when choosing one.

  • Backless stools - These have a small frame making them easy to navigate around tight spaces in fast-paced environments.
  • Low/mid-back stools - These have frames that go from the seat to the lower back to support the lower lumbar region.
  • High-back stools - These provide full back coverage to help ease the strain on the spine so you can complete pedicures in comfort.
What are some pedicure stool features?

Comfort, versatility, and ease of use are essential for pedicure stools. Before settling on a style, make sure your seat has the following features.

  • Hydraulic lift - This allows you to raise or lower the height of the stool to your clients footrest.
  • Solid casters - These provide easy mobility to move close to your clients feet or roll smoothly to another workstation without getting up from the seat. Most options include a five-wheel base with locking mechanisms for stability.
  • Swivel mechanisms - This offers ease of use so you can rotate 360 degrees to reach for tools, turn to greet clients, and pivot in the opposite direction to hold conversations.
  • Padded stools - These provide bottom and back comfort. If choosing a seat with back support, look for ergonomic models that help you maintain a comfortable posture for servicing feet on long days.
  • Upholstery - This should be easy to clean and have an acrylic coat to prevent nail polish remover from ruining the stools finish.
Pedicure stool brands

Start your search for a comfortable pedicure stool by looking for seats made by the following brands.

  • Dayton - They offer high-back stools in colors like black, burgundy, cappuccino, cashmere, and sand. Many designs feature an upholstered seat with an acetone-resistant vinyl coating and foam seat and back cushions.
  • DevLon Northwest - They make a variety of mid-back pedicure stools with a five-wheel base for lower back support and mobility. Mayakoba ergonomically designed chairs feature hydraulic lifts and acetone-resistant upholstery.
  • Terrell - They offer backless pedicure stools with a simple design for maneuvering in narrow spaces. A padded cushion offers comfort for the buttocks, and an acetone-resistant vinyl cover protects the seat from stains.
  • Harmony - This is a brand manufactured by AYC, the same company that makes Dayton salon furniture. These stools have a futuristic look, featuring a round shape and an opening between the seat and the back. Its stainless-steel construction has a chrome-plated coating, and the vinyl upholstery features an acetone-resistant finish.