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How Pearl Jam Became the Indie Band That Influenced a Generation

When Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament started the Seattle-based band in 1990, Pearl Jam quickly became a rising star in the midst of the rock scene. They released their album "Ten" and it turned into one of the most sought-after albums in the grunge rock genre.

How Pearl Jam Turned Into One of the Biggest Indie Rock Bands in the 90's

Pearl Jam was more mainstream than its counterparts because their music called out to more than just one crowd. Even today, there are many fans who clamor for their records and LPs, especially in vinyl form. Here are some reasons why Pearl Jam is well loved by fans:

  • There is an irony to how much they are loved because they constantly refused to make music videos or do interviews.
  • They have outlasted and outsold many of their competitors in the grunge rock scene. Even to this day, albums like Vitalogy, Lightning Bolt, and other popular LP records are still being bought by fans, both new and old.
  • They were referred to as the most popular American rock and roll band in the 90's.
  • Their songs are unlike many in their genre because their music is not as heavy as most rock bands', but they are also not as light as most pop music in those days.
  • Rolling Stone said they spent much of the decade trying to ruin their career, but rendered the opposite effect.

Who Were Pearl Jam's Influences?

Each band is formed through inspiration from another band. It goes without saying that Pearl Jam has their idols and here are their musical influences:

  • Their music is a combination of the band's influence from The Who, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Kiss, and The Ramones.
  • Jimi Hendrix inspired McCready's guitar playing and is said to be "rootsy" and "feel-oriented."
  • Because of their rising mainstream reputation, Vedder wanted to change their music by adding more punk rock into the mix. No Code is a perfect example of tracks that swerved away from how Ten was produced.
  • When they created Yield, it was a step back, but a welcome one for the fans that knew them for their trademark tracks.
  • They also experimented with pop and new wave combined with rock with their albums Riot Act, Pearl Jam, and Backspacer.

Which Albums Include Pearl Jam's Greatest Hits?

When choosing live albums from Pearl Jam, the vinyl format would be a bow to the classic rock music band that they wanted to be. Some of these are reissues that remastered the band's music to fit in with the digital age. Here are some of their most famous albums in vinyl LP:

  • "Avocado" US Double Vinyl LP - It is an original double vinyl set in a gatefold sleeve. It also includes a lyrics booklet.
  • "Yield" LP - This is a rare Pearl Jam vinyl with a die-cut cover.
  • Pearl Jam Box Set - It is a limited edition with single discs containing songs from their "Vitalogy" album
  • "Alive" LP - This is a single vinyl record that was recorded by Eddie Vedder when he started.
  • "Binaural" US - This is an original 2000 vinyl record with two LPs in a tri-fold sleeve.
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