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Peacoats for Women

Pea coats are as timeless as they are functional. This variety of wool blend jacket was once worn by sailors at high sea. The large collars, hoods on occasion, and sturdy structural design allowed these jackets to transcend traditional styles of wear into modern apparel varieties.

What determines if a jacket is a pea coat?

The general definition for a pea coat is a jacket that is double breasted and typically made of wool. Customarily, they also have integrated button closures. However, with the modernization of pea coats, it is not uncommon to have one with a zipper closure. This style of jacket is an enduring member of any wardrobe.

Are pea coats only made of wool?

Formerly, a pea coat would only have been made of a course wool and were sometimes lined with a softer material for comfort. However, as time went on, the materials used to make this type of apparel expanded beyond wool. Cotton, polyester, leather, and fur are among some of the most common materials used. In modern times, a pea coat is more defined by a style sense as opposed to the actual fabric used.

What types of brands make pea coats?

The brands that make peacoats is vast. They are such a common and beloved style of jacket that almost every brand out there has its own version. This also means that each brand will have their own sizing outlines. In order to make sure that you get the right size, navigate to the brands website and search out their sizing scale. However, there are a wide range of sizes available in a general sense. Anything from an extra-extra small to an extra-extra-extra-extra large. The brands available include, but are not limited to:

  • J. Crew
  • Burberry
  • Old Navy
  • Guess
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Zara
  • H&M
What are some different styles within this realm of coats?

Although a peacoat portrays a specific air, within this coat's cannon, there are different styles. Some are trench coat length jackets that fall near the knee length-wise. Some are cropped to hit just above the hip. There are versions that have an overlapping parka design quality. Some peacoats carry oversized collars while others have hoods. There are jackets that are belted for a more snug fit. There are options that are solid in color while others are plaid or floral. The innumerable options of style quirks are part of what make pea coats such a great addition to any collection.