Peachtree Audio

As one of the premier producers of modern amplifiers in the audio industry, Peachtree Audio offers a selection of integrated amplifiers for headphones, home theaters, speakers, vinyl, and more. The company specializes in DAC, or Digital-to-Analog Converters, and was the first in the industry to build this type of amp with a USB input.

What is Unique About Peachtree Audio?

This modern company recognized the missing piece in the amp and preamp capabilities with such a large portion of people listening to computer-based audio. Just passing their tenth year of operation, the young group has created a full line of products that decrease a listener's needs from large amounts of equipment to a very small product with a stylish design.

  • Their groundbreaking product, the Decco, provided the industry with a USB DAC integrated amplifier. This enhanced not only computer-based music but sound coming from Apple TV and other similar devices.
  • Peachtree considers themselves audiophiles, and seek to marry the great natural sound with modern amplification technology of today. Their simple, integrated amps take the place of multiple systems in sleek and state-of-the-art designs.
  • Each device includes a range of inputs and compatibilities, including volume control, headphone output and inputs, computer audio, stereo systems, and more. Products include compatibility with many Apple and other common devices, as well as with record players and older sound systems.

What is the Peachtree Nova?

Their primary DAC amplifier, the Nova comes in several varieties for audio amplification. A range of makes and models of the Nova amp can be found by sellers featuring both used and new options. Each variety includes the following:

  • Between 150 and 300 watts per channel, aptly named the Nova150 and Nova300 respectively with a built-in DAC. Varieties also include a pre-out and preamp stage with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of 95 to 111dB.
  • Both include a magnet phono stage, creating a natural phonographic sound that respects the music produced through vinyl technology. They also include a Home Theatre Bypass and Direct iOS input for transforming to a headphone amp.
  • Peachtree design often includes a stylish wooden exterior with an aluminum front panel.

What Are Some Additional Features of Peachtree Products?

Their extensive capabilities make their products very versatile and dynamic. Additional details include:

  • Their collection of preamps and amps include Class-D amplifiers for lower prices and with less bulk. Class D offers greater sound without the large weight and space often related to large speakers and stereo systems.
  • Signal-to-noise averages compete with the best in the industry, the Nova series digital-to-analog amplifiers even surpassing some of the best pre-amplifiers and amplifiers in the business.
  • Amplifiers feature extensive internal grounding and power supply. The circuits themselves create little-to-no audible sound, ensuring they do not interfere with the music itself.

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