Everything You Need to Know about PAX East Tickets

PAX East, which is the East Coast version of the Penny Arcade Expo, is an annual gaming convention that focuses on the fan experience. Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the artists of the popular Penny Arcade webcomic, the convention is held every year in Boston, MA, typically at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. These affordable tickets for sale on eBay will allow you to attend one of the largest gaming conventions in the world.

What kinds of ticket options are available for PAX East?

Since 2018, PAX East expanded to become a four-day event running Thursday through Sunday from morning to night. Event organizers typically offer the choice of either a single four-day pass or individual tickets for any one day. If you want to attend two or three days of the event, then you will need to purchase individual tickets for each of those days. You are free to leave and return to the expo center as often as you want. In addition to its regular passes, PAX East offers a special badge called BYOC, short for Bring Your Own Computer, which allows you to bring your machine into the convention space and play your own games on the local wired network with other players. However, it is not necessary to bring your own computer if you want to play local multiplayer games. The PC area already includes an array of computers preloaded with a select number of LAN games.

Some unique features of PAX East

PAX East is primarily a fan convention, not an industry trade show. It is designed to offer you a fun, entertaining weekend. By purchasing these tickets on eBay, you will have access to the main exhibit hall, where developers and publishers display their newest games and products. PAX East also features unique panels from community leaders and experts, live concert performances, game tournaments, lounges and concessions, free play areas, and indie showcases. If you have registered your badges with PAX’s mobile app, then you can also participate in scavenger hunts, games, and more competitions to win unique prizes.

Are PAX East tickets tied to a specific year?

Yes, PAX East tickets will only give you access to the convention center during the year listed on the pass. Tickets from earlier events may be offered as souvenirs or collectibles, so make sure that you are purchasing tickets to a future PAX East event if you are interested in attending.

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