Patagonia is an outdoor gear and clothing brand that offers the tools you need for your outdoor adventure. Patagonia clothing and equipment is designed to suit your activity of choice, whether it is rock climbing, skiing, yoga, or fishing, just to name a few. While Patagonia focuses on cutting-edge technology to clothe and equip its customers, the clothing company also prioritizes corporate responsibility, supporting causes such as fair trade and using recycled materials in its products.

What type of winter jackets does Patagonia sell?

The company's clothing includes a range of jackets to equip the wearer for winter conditions. The main categories of winter jackets from Patagonia are insulated, snow, and rain.

  • Rain: Patagonia offers waterproof rain jackets. These include simple waterproof shells as well as rain jackets that are insulated for additional warmth.
  • Insulated: Insulated jackets offer extra warmth, in addition to protection from the elements, such as snow, wind, and rain. The modern fabrics, such as down and PlumaFill, allow the jacket to be light and durable, as well as warm.
  • Snow: Patagonia’s snow jacket options include outer shell, insulated, and backcountry. An outer shell offers protection from snow and wind and can be worn over base layers. An insulated jacket keeps the wearer warm as well as dry. A backcountry jacket offers warmth, a waterproof exterior, lightness, and moisture-wicking properties to clear sweat during activity.
What is a fleece fabric?

Fleece is a durable fabric often made from recycled polyester. It offers the warmth and insulation of wool, but it is lighter and more resistant to wetness than natural materials. This modern material is useful for outdoor clothing and gear due to its combination of warmth, lightness, and durability. Patagonia's fleece is made with minimal dyes, energy, and water.

What is Micro-Puff?

Patagonia’s Micro-Puff material offers an alternative to conventional down. It's geared toward warmth, lightness, and packability. Synthetic PlumaFill insulation, developed by Patagonia, is designed to offer warmth while significantly reducing weight. This insulation is meant for outdoor winter activities, allowing the wearer to be mobile while staying warm.

Is Patagonia fair-trade certified?

Patagonia is a fair-trade certified company. This certification means that a portion of company profits go toward supporting the well-being of the laborers who create the products. By becoming fair-trade certified, Patagonia commits to upholding and encouraging fair and healthy work conditions. The purchase of Patagonia products helps support this mission.

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