Celebrate All Your Special Occasions with Party Supplies

Whether you are planning a child's birthday party, a baby shower, a quinceanera, a wedding, or any other type of party, party supplies add a festive touch to any event. Party supplies can also make party decorating and party planning easier and less time-consuming. New party materials available on eBay come in a variety of colors and themes to fit all of your party planning needs.

Can party supplies be purchased in a kit?

Yes, many different themed party supplies can be purchased in a kit. While most materials you will need are available for purchase individually, there are many benefits to purchasing a kit of party materials, including:

  • Convenience: When you purchase a party kit, you do not have to shop for each supply individually and worry that you have forgotten to purchase an important item for your party.
  • Cost reduction: Purchasing what you need for your party in a kit will often reduce the total amount that you spend.
  • Special items: With a party kit, you may be able to receive products such as party favors or decorations that all combine together in a common theme that you would not be able to purchase individually.
  • Extra materials: Your kit may come with extra supplies such as plates, plastic forks, knives, and spoons that can help if you have more guests than expected.
What types of party supplies are available?

There are a myriad of different types of party supplies on eBay to meet your party planning needs. Depending on your event requirements, you may want to consider several different types of supplies or just a couple of them. Party supplies can be divided into the following categories:

  • Party decorations: This can include balloons, streamers, cardboard or paper cut-outs, centerpieces, doilies, ribbons, banners, signs, and yard signs.
  • Party tableware and serveware: These include plastic or paper cups, plates, bowls, plastic serving utensils, punch bowls, tablecloths, plastic knives, plastic forks, plastic spoons, ladles, and straws.
  • Stationery: Thank you notes, RSVP cards, and invitations are in this category.
  • Party games: This is a broad category including supplies like a pinata or bingo cards.
  • Favors and party bag fillers: Party favors, prizes for games, host and hostess gifts, and goody bags are included in this category.
What themed items are available for a birthday party?

No matter what characters or themes your child loves, you are likely able to find birthday party items in your favorite theme. Selecting a theme with their favorite Disney or movie character can make a party even more special, memorable, and personalized. Your child or special person may enjoy general themes such as horses, dogs, superheroes, or princesses. Common characters for children's birthday party items include:

  • Frozen
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Star Wars
  • Pokémon
  • Paw Patrol
  • Unicorns
  • Baby shark
  • Jurassic World dinosaurs