Party favours and bag fillers for every occasion

If you're planning a party, look no further than eBay where you'll find all sorts of party bags and fillers in one place. Whether it's an activity packed treat for an older child or an intimate gathering with classmates and family at home, give them a party to remember with a beautiful gift bag to take home. 

Pre filled party bags

If you're running short of time or simply stumped when it comes to filling your party bags, then why not consider a pre filled party bag. Available with a huge range of designs, colors and contents, everything comes ready done and packed for you. All you need to do is work out how many kids you've got coming and order the number you need. You'll also find themed sets, including Christmas party favours and Halloween party bags. 

Party bag sets

When you've chosen the perfect party bags but can't think what to put in them, party bag sets are ideal. A great way to make sure each child gets the same things and no one's left out, party bag sets usually include things like toys, bangles, stickers, sweets, badges and much more. For artistic little ones, there's even mini coloring books and crayons too. 

Party bag fillers for boys

Whether it's a Christening, birthday party or any other special occasion, there's a great variety of party bag fillers for the cool dude in your life. Slime toys, stickers and sweets are the order of the day when it comes little boys so why not go all out and stuff each party bag with all their favourite things. 

Party bag fillers for girls

Princesses, play jewelry and all things pink. When it comes to the perfect party bag for your little girl the possibilities are endless. Discover a unique combination of party favours that everyone will love.