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Ford Mustang Parking Brake Cables

The parking brake, also known as hand brake or an emergency brake, is a lever, pedal, or handle that keeps the vehicle stationary or performs an emergency stop. Most modern parking brakes are used to park the car on an inclined surface, but before the advent of modern braking systems, they also ensured that the vehicle could be stopped in an emergency if the brake suddenly lost hydraulic pressure or experienced other issues. These replacement parts will help you change old or worn out parking brake cables in your Ford Mustang.

What are the main types of parking brake systems?

Most parking brakes consist of a lever and a steel cable that completely bypasses the normal braking system. In older vehicles, the brake cable is attached to two drum brakes at the rear wheels. By pulling the lever or pressing down on the pedal, the driver forces the brake shoes inside of the drum to press against the wheel. However, once disc brakes became standardized in most vehicles, automobile manufacturers adopted two different designs.

Some manufacturers incorporated a drum brake directly into the disc whereas others introduced a new design in which the parking brake cable activates the disc calipers. Some modern cars use an electric park brake in which an electric motor pulls on the brake cable to park the car. Another design uses a computer-controlled motor to engage the parking brake cable.

What type of parking brake does the Ford Mustang use?

That depends on the year it was made. The Ford Mustang has been in constant production since 1964 and has used multiple types of park brakes over the years. More recent Mustangs have used an electric or a computer-based park brake. Most parking brake cables are only designed to work with specific vehicles. If you are unsure about what kind of brake cables you need, then you should follow the recommendations of your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Brand new OEM cables are always designed to meet the original factory length and specifications. This standard will ensure that the new brake cables give you the maximum reliability and security. If you need to shorten or lengthen your brakes due to modifications made to the vehicle, then you can also purchase cables of varying lengths.

How do you ensure the cables are wear and corrosion resistant?

Some cables are protected by a durable outer shield to resist wearing and tearing. If corroded or faulty cables are a problem, then you may notice that your Mustang continues to roll forward even after the parking brake is engaged. Some cables are designed with an extra coating or fitting to prevent or minimize corrosion.