What Are the Most Popular Paper Collectibles?

Calendars, old newspapers, vintage greeting cards, and historical documents are some of the most popular paper items that people collect, in addition to brochures, personal correspondence, and playing cards with distinctive images or designs. Even gift wrap, menus, and napkins can serve as the centerpiece for a paper collection.

How Do You Care for Paper Collectibles?

To keep paper goods in great condition, wear cotton gloves when handling any valuable items, and store them in a room with a temperature ranging between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit with relatively low humidity, and keep them out of direct sunlight. If there is dust or dirt buildup on the piece, then sprinkle it with a cerium oxide powder, and use a soft paintbrush to remove particles before displaying or storing.

How Do You Safely Display Paper Goods?

All display materials should be acid-free to preserve the quality of the paper. Keep valuable pieces in a frame or album to avoid damage and dust accumulation. Display other paper goods in a scrapbook as a collage, or place them in shadowboxes with props to create a themed work of art that also protects the item from the elements.