Get to Know the Panasonic SC Board

Few things are as frustrating as when you want to watch your Panasonic plasma TV, but you get a blank screen and the dreaded TV blinks an error code alert instead. When the LED indicator in your plasma TV blinks multiple times, all is not lost! eBay has an array of repair parts and products to get your TV up and going for your viewing pleasure.

How do you choose the right SC Board?

The Panasonic SC Board is one of the key electronic circuit boards in your plasma TV. When the SC Board malfunctions, it can severely affect the functioning of your television. To make sure that you are buying the correct SC Board for your particular TV, take note to confirm the following:

  • The manufacturer/brand name is Panasonic
  • The model number matches
  • The serial number matches the appropriate board here on eBay

Additionally, you will want to confirm the board number by opening up the television to view the SC Board number stamped on the circuit board itself. Finally, Panasonic offers users an error code announcement of seven blinks to alert you that the SC Board has failed. If you have received that LED error code, then following these instructions will help confirm that you are selecting the appropriate replacement board. The sellers are also available to answer questions prior to bidding as well.

What Panasonic plasma TV models will the SC Board repair?

The SC Board will be appropriately compatible with the following Panasonic Plasma TV model series:

  • Panasonic Viera GT30 Series
  • Panasonic Viera 50 Class U50/UT50/U54 Series
  • Panasonic Viera S30/ST30 Series
  • Panasonic Viera 50 Class G20/G25/GT25 Series
  • Panasonic Viera 50 Class VT25 Series
  • Panasonic Viera 54 Class G25 Series

If you do not see your particular plasma TV model listed above, then visit the Panasonic website to check specific compatibility of the SC Board with your plasma TV model.

What is a Panasonic SC Board?

A Panasonic SC Board is an internal component found in Panasonic plasma TVs. Specifically, it is an electronic circuit board that helps control the display picture offered by your television. You can find these items on eBay for different price points. Typically, the SC Board will have its part number stamped on the board itself. The part number is usually something similar to the following: TNPA5335, TNPA5335BK, TNPA5351, TXNSC1SDUU, TNPA5621AB, or TXNSC1PAUU. This list is not exhaustive, and you should check the Panasonic website if you do not see your SC Board part number listed above.

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