Everything To Know Before Purchasing A Panasonic KX TGA652

No one wants to be stuck in the same place while on the phone. There are always things that can be done around the house, but if you are on a corded house phone, you are limited to either talking to the person on the other line or doing what needs to be done. With the Panasonic KX TGA652, this is no longer an issue, and eBay has this multi-tasking phone to make your life easier.

Does the Parasonic KX TGA652 come with the base?

This is entirely up to you. If you are looking for a replacement phone but your charger still works, you can find and purchase just the phone. However, if this is your first new or used KX TGA652 cordless phone, you need to make sure that your order includes the base to be able to use it effectively.

Will the Parasonic KX TGA652 work with all KX bases?

In general, every Parasonic handset is designed to work with any base that is the KX model. This will allow you to use your new handset even if the base is not specifically for the TGA652. However, to be sure, you should check to make sure that the base you have will fit the phone you are purchasing. If it will not, you will need to make sure that your purchase comes with a phone base already included.

What features does the Parasonic KX TGA652 come with?

This particular cordless handset comes with a few different features, but they can vary based on the base that is purchased with it. A few of the features that you will enjoy from this particular model include the following:

  • Caller ID: This allows you to see who is calling before answering.
  • Voicemail options: You can listen to your voicemail from the handset.
  • Volume controls: You can control how loud your call and ringer is.
  • Ringer on/off switch: This allows you to turn your ringer on and off with the click of a switch.
What powers the Parasonic KX TGA652?

This handset works with AAA batteries, but they do not always come included with the actual handset. It is imperative that you check to see if the product you have selected comes with batteries or not because if it doesnt you will need to purchase them separately in order to use the handset.

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