What You Need To Know Before Buying A Paintball Compressor

The right paintball compressor can improve your shooting accuracy and give you an edge during a game of paintball. Regardless of your level of expertise, the paintball compressor you choose will ultimately have an impact on your performance. eBay offers a myriad of paintball compressors to choose from in new and used condition, and this guide gives you important tips to consider before making your decision. 

Essential features to look for in paintball compressors 

There are several important features you should consider before buying a paintball compressor. These include the following:  

  • PSI specification: This is a measure of the air pressure in the compressor. A higher psi value means that there will be more pressure behind the paintball hence the shot will be fired out of the gun more quickly.
  • Compressor size: Despite having the same psi specifications, a large paintball compressor will have higher maximum airflow (CFM) than a smaller model. This means that you can fill up your storage cylinders faster with a larger model than a smaller one.
  • Hydro date: The hydro date is typically printed on the neck of the tank and defines the date that the compressor was last safety checked. Usually, a compressor must be retested every five years.
  • Aluminum versus fiber tanks: Aluminum tanks are less bulky but weigh more than fiber-based tanks. The two choices give different options for both compactness and weight.

What types of paintball compressors are there? 

Paintball compressors can be categorized into two groups which are based on their mode of operation. They are the following:  

  • Carbon Dioxide-based (CO2) compressors: CO2-based compressors work by converting carbon dioxide from a liquid form into a gas hence generating the pressure required to function. This transformation means that your compressor will feel colder as you fire the gun hence making them operate optimally in warm weather.
  • High-Pressure Air-based (HPA) compressors: HPA-based compressors use compressed air and can achieve very high levels of psi as well as operate in a variety of temperature settings.

When should you buy a used paintball compressor? 

A secondhand compressor from eBay can be a good choice if you wish to opt for a cost-friendly purchase. An important aspect to watch out for is the condition of the compressor as well as the hydro date. For the latter, make sure that the date is not older than five years since it was last checked for safety.