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The PUMA Disc Blaze Is a Classic, Laceless Wonder

Blue PUMA Disc Blaze Sneakers for Men

PUMA had enjoyed great success in the sports industry, providing the running spikes that Jesse Owens wore in the 1936 Olympics when they were still part of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, the fraternal company that PUMA was a part of before pulling away and breaking out on its own. The brand has made many innovations through the years, but the breakout concept was the Disc system. The PUMA Disc Blaze sneakers feature PUMA's patented Disc technology.

What is the

PUMA Disc system?

The PUMA Disc system was first released in 1991. PUMA put a disc onto running shoes instead of laces, creating the first laceless sneakers. The disc sits on top of the upper and tightens or loosens the shoe via a network of internal wires. Olympians Heike Drechsler and Dieter Baumann won Gold medals at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona wearing PUMA Disc spikes.

The Disc system's performance in those games propelled PUMA to roll out the system throughout the brand. Disc production then stopped for a bit before the company reintroduced the system in a 2012 collaboration with streetwear king Ronnie Fieg. The resulting shoe was the PUMA Disc Blaze OG "Cove" x Ronnie Fieg. In addition to the Disc closure, it had an upper made of a Trinomic sole, an asymmetrical toe cap, and a blend of material that all worked together to make a shoe that provided excellent cushioning and was extremely durable.

Black PUMA Disc Blaze Sneakers for Men

What is the

PUMA Disc Trapstar?

The Trapstar sneakers are the result of a collaboration between PUMA and the UK-based global fashion brand Trapstar. The Trapstar is known for its blend of high-street style and street flair. The first collaboration happened in 2015, and it featured a mostly black colorway that nicely blends nubuck and full-grain leather.

The team released the second version of these pump sneakers in 2016. This time, the team offered a bold graphic featuring a grid that resembles black static on a white background. The outsole has the Trinomic window on it, and the heel is emblazoned with Trapstar branding. This shoe, while showier, still works for people who shy away from bold colors or simply want something different.

Grey PUMA Disc Blaze Sneakers for Men

What are some of the features of the PUMA Disc Blaze sneakers?

These disc lace sneakers come with an upper that's made with a mix of mesh and synthetic. This material mix provides the shoe with support. The mesh also helps with ventilation, helping prevent feet from becoming damp and sweaty. It's a unisex design, so it can work for anyone. The Disc lacing system keeps the feet snug and secure inside, and it also helps with lockdown. The shoe comes with an EVA midsole that's been paired with the aforementioned Trinomic technology that helps provide cushioning while making the shoe extra durable. The shoe also comes with a textile sock liner that wraps the foot, keeping it snug, while the padded collar and tongue round out the features that protect and cradle the foot.

What are some colorways available with the PUMA Disc Blaze sneakers?

The PUMA Disc Blaze is available in a wide variety of colorways. The company released timeless color options with the All-Black and All-White models. These versions of the shoes offer stark, simple looks that make tech and details the focus of the shoes. Both models rest on top of the white Trinomic soles, creating a contrast with the black model and a monochrome look with the white model.

The Minions colorway is suitable for someone who's looking for a more playful vibe. The entire shoe is covered in both Minions and white panels. The goggle-wearing Minion branding is located on the tongue, lining, toe, and collar of the shoe.

The Disc Blaze Marine sneakers are ideal for seafaring or sea-loving folks. It comes with an upper covered with marine-inspired graphics featuring sea creatures. The navy, aqua blue, and white colors pair well with all types of outfits.

Black PUMA Disc Blazs Sneakers for Men

PUMA Disc Blaze vs. PUMA Clyde All-Pro Basketball

PUMA Disc Blaze PUMA Clyde All-Pro Basketball
Style Fashion Basketball/Fashion
Closures Disc Laces
Available Colors Multiple Multiple

What style of sneaker is the PUMA Disc Blaze for men?

These fashion sneakers are low-top shoes that provide a funky, retro look.

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