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PSP 3000 Consoles ' A Portable Entertainment System in Your Pocket

The PSP 3000 is a portable hand-held gaming console that features a fully loaded all-in-one entertainment system. Portability and performance of highly graphical games are the key features that set this gaming console apart. Whether you are looking for a used or new system, eBay offers a large variety of systems in a myriad of conditions, bundles, and prices.

What features can you experience with the PSP 3000?

The PSP 3000 portable gaming console is the third console in the series of PlayStation portables. Not only is it slimmer and lighter than its predecessors, but it also has a brighter LED screen and a built-in microphone usable with the pre-installed Skype over a Wi-Fi connection. Here are the things you can do on this multipurpose system.

  • Large library: Between the four PSP regions, North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia, you can enjoy the PSP library of over 1,300 games.
  • Built-in microphone: The built-in microphone allows for voice chat over Wi-Fi.
  • Download media: You can download and watch movies and videos, listen to music, and browse photos.
  • Wi-Fi: You can use Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming and connecting to the internet.
How can the memory be expanded in the PSP 3000?

The Sony PSP 3000 uses the Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card from Sony, formatted specifically for the PSP. If using a microSD chip, a microSD adapter is necessary to avoid compatibility issues. Using the Memory Stick Pro Duo, the memory can be expanded up to 32 GB by inserted two 16GB micro SDHC chips into the Memory Stick Pro Duo. The Memory Stick Pro Duo, micro SDHC chips, and microSD adapter can be found on eBay.

Where can you find games for the PSP 3000?

All games can be downloaded online from the PlayStation store and then transferred onto the Memory Stick Pro Duo. Look for the PSP compatible icon on the corner of each game page. The PSP 3000 can play all previous versions of PSP games, including those created for PSP 1000 and PSP 2000. In addition, there are a wide variety of UMD game ROMs available for purchase through eBay. Because the PSP 3000 is region-free when it comes to gameplay, it is capable of playing other imported PSP games created overseas from other PSP regions, namely Japan, Europe, and Australia.

What should you check for when purchasing used PSP 3000s?

When purchasing a used PSP 3000, make sure there are no cosmetic damages in the photos provided. In addition, the production description should preferably list the item as 'almost new' or with minimal wear and tear.

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