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How To Select Suitable PS2 Computer Mini Keyboards And Keypads

If you enjoy playing games on your PC, then you understand the importance of a good keyboard. It contributes greatly to the overall functioning of a computer for work, business, entertainment, etc.

There are dozens of keyboards available in the market guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience. Here are a few things to take into consideration before making a purchase.

Do I need a gaming mini keyboard?

You should first determine whether you need a mini keyboard PS2. If your computer gaming is restricted to following games releases or an occasional round of World of Warcraft, then an expensive high-end peripheral with tons of switches and fancy lighting is probably not for you.

Mini PS2 keyboards tend to work with first-person shooters, MMOs, and strategy games.

What are the various connectivity options available?

There are different ways one can connect a keypad to a laptop including:

  • USB keyboard - The simplest way to connect a mini keypad to a PC is through a wired USB cable. Keyboards do not demand much in terms of installation as they are usually plug-and-play. This means that no additional software is required. All you need to do is plug in your device to the USB port. Wired USB connectors are compatible with PS2 gamers because unlike wireless touchpads, they draw power from the USB adapter, they are free of lag, and do not have any interface issues.
  • Wireless keyboard - This type is ideal for any gamer looking for more freedom and less cable clutter on the desktop. Wireless keyboard transmits data to a laptop through an RF connection to a USB receiver or via Bluetooth.

What are the different types of mini keyboards available?

Since all PS2 keyboards have to be an all-purpose peripheral to some extent, the differences between various types are subtle. The three most common types worth exploring include:

  • All-purpose model - A vast majority of PS2 pads fall under this category. This is where the model looks similar to a standard office keyboard, but with some extras here and there. These types might come inclusive of a few extra keys or some fancy backlight to set them apart. They are ideal for MOBA, RTS, PS2, etc.
  • MMO mini pad - These models are armed with tons of extra macro keys. Simple MMO models start with six extra keys but can go all the way up to 18 extra keys. MMO's are suited for hardcore gamers who want to truly experience and micromanage every aspect of their character's skills.
  • Tenkeyless models - This type does not have the numeric keypad normally found on all keyboards. These devices are relatively small and ultra-slim. They are a great option for any gamer who is always on the go for tournaments.

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