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PONY Athletic Shoes for Men

Athletic footwear is comfortable and functional. Step up your look from a vast selection of men’s athletic footwear. Make your choice of PONY athletic shoes for men from the selection of high-tops and low-tops in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

How should you care for canvas shoes?

You may be able to extend the life and maintain the appearance of your canvas shoes with routine care. When cleaning your canvas shoes, start by removing the laces. Your shoelaces can be washed by hand with a mild detergent or in your washing machine in a pillow case or garment bag. Remove any debris from your athletic shoes with a soft brush, wipe any rubber with a damp cloth, and spot clean the canvas.

How should you clean suede athletic shoes?

Water can ruin suede shoes. It is recommended not to try washing or spot cleaning suede. Instead, dirt and small stains may come off of your shoes with a soft brush. If brushing is unsuccessful, you can try one of the many commercial products available to clean suede. You may also want to try protecting your suede athletic shoes with a commercial suede conditioner.

What style of men’s shoe does PONY make?

Some of the PONY collection have a dominant PONY logo visible across the tongue or the back of the shoe. You will find that this brand offers a wide range of options. For example, PONY offers high-top and low-top athletic shoes in solid colors as well as their classic collection. As mentioned, PONY shoes are also available in canvas or suede.

What features are important for a running shoe?

Running shoes are designed to provide traction, cushion shock, and support for your feet. Consider a running shoe based on details such as the shape of your foot and how frequently you run. Additionally, you may want to consider some of the following features:

  • The amount of cushioning
  • The traction of the sole
  • Motion control and stability
  • Flexibility or support where needed
  • Breathability
How should an athletic shoe fit?

The correct fit of an athletic shoe intended for sports may be different than the fit of an athletic shoe purposed for casual wear. For athletic wear, shoe specialists and podiatrists recommend trying to match the basic shape of your shoe to the shape of your foot. When standing, there should be approximately 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch space from the end of your shoe to the end of your longest toe.

What’s the difference between a walking and a running shoe?

In general, a walking shoe is designed to provide more flexibility throughout the shoe. Walking requires more flexibility through the front of the shoe than a running shoe, especially around the ball of your foot. The heel area of a running shoe typically offers more cushioning to protect you from the impact of your heal hitting the ground with more force than when you are walking.

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